The best news ever, we are officially 1/2 through the DJT nightmare.  And that is why he is making such a  spectacle over this boarder wall nonsense.  He’s already started his 2020 campaign and is appealing to his “base” that he’s a man of his word, I would say he’s neither.

I gave out some fake news last post, the gentleman with the lighting business on Liberty Avenue is Francis Norwalk, not Paul Norwalk.  I apologize, I hate being the bearer of fake news.

Real news, my friend Nicki finished my Day of the Dead pillows in Bougainvillea, they are so cute:

Day of the Dead pillows


I should figure out how to set up my camera, the camera on my iPhone is pretty cheesy.

I’m in a new book being released in March, Bas Van Oort is publishing “Het Wender Van Iowa” chronicling there bicycle trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Bas is Dutch and so the book is in Dutch.  I told him if he ever has it translated into English to let me know.  He has a travel blog with thousands of followers and did a post dedicated to The Parador, when they were here.  He sent me a link to it, of course it was in Dutch, so I had a Google app translate it and he said very nice things about me and my Inn.

Big news on my guest room Bromeliad, it is moving and going to be my first first floor guest room and it will be wheel chair accessible.  I’m shooting for a debut later spring.  Pictures and details will follow as they are progress.

Darn I am already so over this cold, thankfully we basically just have about two more months of it.  Keep strong.  🙂