Here’s my new fountain and my deck project, I hope will have it done enough to apply the stain for this weekend.  All the heavy sanding is finished, and I’ve stripped I’m using between the boards is 3/4 finished.  Once I finish that tomorrow morning I will do one more sanding with fine grit sandpaper will will be able to apply the stain (hopefully tomorrow afternoon).  I’ve been ashamed of the deck for years and so excited about how it’s finally going to look (with the new fountain-it’s going to be a popular place to hang out).   🙂  I’ve had a bunch of people stop by as I’ve been working complimenting me on the view from the street.

deck & fountain from street

And here’s what that nasty deck looked like when I started this project from the opposite side.:

deck before refinished


Speaking of pictures, I’ve been pretty active on Instagram, generally I post once a day in the morning.  I’m at thepaadorinn if you want to see my posts or follow me.

Pandemic refunds are killing me, my normal refund policy is I offer a full refund if you book from my website, but do charge a$20 fee for reservation made through an OTA (Online Travel Association like Expedia Group, booking.com, etc) because they charge me a 15% commission-it’s always less expensive to book from my website).  I’m fairly popular and had a lot of early reservations for 2020 concerts Kenny Chesney, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Motley Crew and four reunions.  I lost all concerts, 3 of the 4 reunions and my one wedding went from 130 to 20.  Overall I’ve given almost $30,000 in refund for guests that booked before Corona became a pandemic.  So I’m not offering refunds on reservations made after Corona became a pandemic.  I’ve checked what other travel industries are offering and I am no longer offering refunds, but a two year credit.  In particular if you have booked for a Steeler’s game and this nightmare is still around next year or you are still uncomfortable traveling you can use it of the 2022 season.  Surely those idiots in Washington can fix this by then.

I can’t say I’m giving him credit and I’m not forgiving his lack of leadership, but DJT  is not at fault for the federal government’s failure to assist small businesses during this pandemic.  It’s our entire government and it’s dysfunction, it’s not the child’s play between the democrats and republicans.  Read this article and you will be ready to join the revolt


I can understand our alien founding fathers did not to address that businesses are not people and should not influence our elections. how could they envision multi billion dollar companies existing? but they really should have addressed the corruption of life long politicians become.  I want you to write me in this fall for a two day presidency (actually I want to be king or dictator for two days only and I promise to step down after I enact 2 things by decree.  #1 two term limits for any elected position anywhere in this country.  And #2 corporations are not people and can not contribute to or influence elections.  You can replace me after my two day term of dictatorship you fool enough, you can have DJT back.  🙂  America will not be fixed in two days, but this will give us a running start, just call me an alien.  🙂

Can I talk about the “new normal”?   We have to now deal with the idiots that used to stay in the back ground and now seem to be center stage.like that lady in California refusing to wear a mask in a grocery store screaming it was her constitution right not to wear a mask..  If you want to contract covid19 and infect your family, that is your constitutional right, but not to infect mine.  The next idiots I would like to address are all these protests across the country lately.  They have a right to protest, but the video’s I saw maybe 1/2 were wearing masks.  Is a coincidence that all of a sudden we have major spikes in the Corona virus infections?

After all my whining I feel awkward wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July, it is still a great country and great people.  I guess we need to add a new group to add to the people we need to include, the idiots.  🙂  Sorry, I couldn’t let that one pass.  Seriously have a safe and happy holiday and remember what principles this country was founded on, there’s still hope for us all.

Mansion bunting