My favorite toy store will be re-opening this spring in Lawenceville.  Dragonfly Castle was located down on a side street near the river and was hard to find and harder to give directions to.  They bought a two story house in 2017 and have done extensive renovations.  The new location is 4747 Butler Street.  Their tag line is “No batteries, no screens, pure fun”, that kind of sums them up.

I was speaking with my friend Arlen that owns City Books just down the street from me the other day and she had missed the back story on those high school kids from Kentucky and the Indian Elder, that went viral just showed the high school boys standing in front of Nathan Phillips, an elder with the Omaha tribe. The back story, these youngsters visiting our capital to protest against abortion.  They seem to come from a fairly conservative background and had bought some Trump “Make America Great Again” hats and was confronted by some Hebrew Israelites after some chants like “Build the Wall” and “Trump 2020” who were calling them names like hicks, homosexuals all in derogatory forms.  And the kids started call the Hebrew Israelites names as well.  Nathan Phillips who is a Marine veteran saw the confrontation and brought his demonstration between two feuding groups to promote peace.  The boys were being young and stupid, the Hebrew Israelists were being rude, Nathan was the hero of the situation trying to diffuse a volatile situation.  Why can’t we all be more like Nathan?

Loop was announced last week at World Economic Forum, the plan is to eliminate the need to recycle.  Like back in the 1950’s with milk delivery.  You would put your empty milk bottles in a box by your door and the milkman would take the old ones, send them out to be cleaned & sanitized and put a new bottle of milk in the box. Loop is the brain child of Tom Szaky CEO of Terra-cycle of Trenton NJ.  They already have some big players signed up for it like Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi, Coke, etc.  I imagine it will start with bigger popular items like laundry soap and liters of soft drinks and depending on it’s popularity more products would be added to what you could order through Loop.

OK, , I swore I would avoid politics, but I can’t stand it anymore.  Your commander in Tweet DJT has been very funny.  He has truly backed himself into a corner.  I personally don’t like Nancy Pelosi, but have to give her credit.  As she orchestrated stopping Bush from privatizing social security she’s holding firm that DJT needs to open the government before she’ll negotiate.  She’s not buying into his normal stupid, oh I’ll give your this partial immigration reform on a temporary basis. and the other bluster he’s offered.  One if his major campaign pledges was to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it.  Well surprise surprise, Mexico said no.  He then said, well I never said they were going to directly pay for it, I’m going to make them pay for it through my new NAFTA agreement, again, not true.  So he wants America to pony up $5.7B to build his medieval wall.  I just saw on the news of people tunneling under the all (much like Hamas does in Israel) and building make shift ladders and climbing over it.  He invites Pelosi & Chuck Schumer, the ranking Democrats to the Oval Office to discuss reopening the government and when they didn’t agree immediately to what he was offering, he got up and sarcastically said bye bye.  Then she asks him to hold off on the State of the Union address I do want secure boarders and don’t think 5,000 immigrants should be able to caravan into this country.  To be American is a privilege we have and not a right.

This is DJT’s entry into the 2020 campaign appealing to his “base”, I don’t find it appealing, I find it appalling.  I don’t understand how he orchestrated this “partial” government shut down.  Once again he is showing his true colors.  He’s hurting working families like the TSA, Coast Guard and the poor Americans affected by the closing of programs like section 8, food stamps.  Not the banking system or big business like oil & gas, utilities.  He is as out of touch with America as his Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Rosss who said he doesn’t understand why “they” don’t just take out loans until the government reopens.  I think there once was a queen that said something like “Let them eat cake” when her country was running out of wheat for bread.  I can see the NSA mega data mining and putting me on the watch list for proposing getting a guillotine and chopping his head off.  Not that I think that would be a bad idea, I’m just saying. 🙂

OK, I know you shouldn’t tell people on social media you are out of town.  You need to read down this blog to see this.  Several things that make me comfortable doing this, last fall during one of our walks some drunk started giving me a hard time.  As our voices rose, RJ took note and became very still and focused on the drunk.  Naturally his little sister did the same.  As my discourse with the drunk progressed RJ started a low rumble, he wasn’t pulling on the lease, just letting the drunk know to back off.  His sister started squirming letting RJ she has his back.  The drunk finally took note, put his hands up and said Whoh, whoh, whoh and backed off.  Besides all my cameras I can check anytime and they record for over a month, my house sitters are Randy & Art.  Art is a retired marine and a quiet guy like RJ and just lays back, but you meet him and just have respect for him (not fear-he’s not one of those).

So I’m in Florida, couldn’t have picked a better time. 18 degrees in Pittsburgh and 70 in Florida.  Generally i have a hard time sleeping lately.  I’ve gotten more and better sleep in the last few days than the last few months.  I think a lot of that is I finally got real Sudafed, instead of the over the counter weak stuff.  I haven’t been able to use my CPAC machine because of the congestion. and that is pretty much gone.  The CPAC machine has a funny story related to it, remind me next time I see ya.

I’m in Lake Worth, where my first bed and breakfast was.  It is now just a vacant lot now, so sad- (I’m starting to sound like DJT ):  LW is such a cute town and will remain so.  Not so densely developed and pricey as our southern neighbor Delray Beach.  There is no fast food in either downtown corridor streets.  As traditional with me, I get up early and go over to LW beach to watch the sunrise:

Lake Worth FL sunrise

Walking across the bridge to Palm Beach Island, I saw snook islands.  The county has been adding this islands with mangrove trees that are natural hurricane storm surge protectors for the land, their roots and trunks are spindly and not like one big oak tree for the winds to grab and pull down, because of their natural structure, the winds can’t grab a hold of them and their roots go deep down to hold them in place.  They are not particularly pretty tropical plants, but sure are work horses that do a great job.

mangrove trees

The big one on the left has been there for years, the little ones you see are like babies of the big one, just artificially created.

When I first moved back to PGH, my sibs gave me this monster gas powered snow blower.  Super loud, super heavy, super difficult to start.  Got rid of that years ago.  Just bought a Sno Jo ti’s electric so it’s light and relatively quiet so I can use it early before guests get up.  It’s known not to do well with heavy snow, and I am OK with that.  The first snow this year is was somewhat useless (may have been operator error)  🙂  The second snow it was a champ:

sno joe snow blower

Well, this is it for today, keep warm my northern friends and don’t go out unless you have to (Art & Randy say da kidz are OK with the cold, but ready to come in fairly quickly,