There are several groups now trying to clean up that massive garbage pit we humans have created in our oceans.  4ocean is a group that sells bracelets for $20 which is how they fund their clean up, not a bad price to pitch in.  These bracelets are made from trash 4ocean had pulled out of the oceans.  Another group trying to clean up specifically the huge swirling mass of plastics that covers an area the size of Texas in the Pacific above Hawaii is Ocean Clean Up and this group has deployed a system of floats that suspend netting that drops below the top of the ocean and scoops up the plastics.  Started in 2013, Boyan Slat wanted to start cleaning up that huge mess.  After a number of years planing and designing the system, it was launched this past fall and has run into some issues.  They’ve towed the system to Hawaii for repairs.  Hopefully he gets it up and running soon.  It gets depressing seeing your Commander in Tweet stand in the devastation of the Camp Fire (what an odd name for a forest fire) and deny climate change, it’s folks like 4Ocean and Boyan that give me hope that we aren’t doomed.  🙂

I’m taking down the holiday decorations and thought I’d share with you my rodent infestation, they are so cute:

Christmas mice


The crystal chandelier over the main dining room table is a Waterford crystal and I’ve been having problems with it.  First of all, the sockets are for European sized bulbs-a little difficult to find here in America.  So they have these sleeves I slip on the base of the bulb and then screw it in the socket.  There are three sockets that are permanently broken and two that periodically quit working.

Waterford Crystal


I got a name for a repair person from Erik at Lighting By Erik in Dormont  (whose’s going out of business) then I found out about Francis Norwalk in Bloomfield.  What a cool old guy, he’s in his 90’s and been doing chandelier and other lighting since he was in his twenties.  These are just a few of the chandeliers Fran has on the first floor, his better ones are upstairs, I can’t  imagine how impressive they must be.


Francis Norwalk crystal

And here’s on more picture with multiple chandeliers:

multiple crystal chandeliers

At 90+ Francis doesn’t have or want a website, but he is recognized in Google.  Basically he’s on Liberty going out from Downtown on the left in what looks like and old school house across from Paul’s Lumber right before the Bloomfield Bridge.  Paul’s lumber is an interesting place.

My friend Nicki was the one that found Kerry passed away, that is quite the heartbreaking story.  A friend told her she should make Memory Bears, she took clothes from Kerry’s house and made a couple like this:

memory bears

She’s selling them through her face book and has made like $600, someone gave her clothes from their parents and she made a boy bear and a girl bear for her.  Also from Kerry’s she found a bolt of Day of the Dead fabric and is making me some pillows from it.  The fabric’s very cool and I’m super excited between the new pillows and the Dia de Muertes items Javier & Sasha brought up for me from Cancun.  All going into Bougainvillea with the other ceramic frogs & gecko’s I brought up from Florida.

I got a Christmas card from Claire, Claire was my very first housekeeper and my good friend Dino’s mom.  She moved back to North or South Dakota (does it really matter if it’s north or south Dakota-both are cold as all heck).  🙂  And I never got her address.  Claire has a very special place in my heart and it is so nice to have her address and being in touch with her again.

That’s for today and Merry Christmas to you Orthodox Catholics,