Happy Memorial Day, couldn’t let the holiday pass without talking about the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could have what we do.  Being a Vietnam era veteran, I know a lot of vets that were in the war and I can’t imagine the horrors they lived through and can barely grasp the horrors of past wars like WWI and mustard gas, etc.  Never forget those that gave so much.

My vertical hydrangeas have been doing so well in the back of the parking lot.  I only planted 2, one on either side of the wall I wanted to cover.  After three years, and them not filling in the space I got another and just planted it in the middle.  Here’s my baby and she seems pretty happy with her new home:

Baby hydrangea

Ohio is one of the states that allow motorcycle riders to ride without a helmet.  My problem with helmet less motorcyclists is if that stupid person wants to ride without a helmet, that’s his/her business.  I don’t want to be saddled with paying for their medical expenses for the rest of their lives because they chose to be stupid.  Now Ohio has made it legal for them to use earplugs to save their hearing, again I have problem with that.  Why don’t they tune down the loudness of their motorcycles and save their hearing that way?  🙂  My street is a popular street for motorcyclists to ride down and they are in a pack and going fairly slow (usually) and they keep revving their engines making all kinds of racket.  Again, save their hearing and my peace and tranquility.

Well, this is just a short blog recognizing Memorial Day.

Stay safe, keep your distances,