I may have figured out how to post pictures on the blog.  I went shopping got three bags of rock salt (a rare commodity these day) and a cheap TV, Preferred IT Solutions installed my new phone system Thursday, my hat’s off to John and his crew.  They got my phone bill cut in half and quadrupled my internet speed and best of all I figured out how I will be able to again play my Reggae in the mansion.  So I had to get a smart TV and found this for $100:

Visio TV

Yea it worked.  🙂

Business seems to be picking up.  I was sold out for Valentine’s Day and almost sold out this weekend.  I’ve even been picking up some weekday business.  Room sales (not room revenue) is going to be very good for a February (with my covid special-revenue is mediocre but that’s better than many of my fellow small businesses and I am grateful for that.  A lot of my reservations are again  coming through my hated Expedia Group that charge me a 15% commission and I’m converting my new guests to booking directly from Expedia to my system.  I’ve had several already book repeat visits from my website.

Recently came back from 2 weeks in Florida, darn I needed that.  Split the first week between my friend Jeff that owns The Inn on the Mexican War Streets in St Pete and my brother and his family in Tampa.  Then second week I spend in Lake Worth where I used to live.  Saw a bunch of old friends and ate my fill of Spanish street food.  Came back to this nasty cold weather and snow.  My electric Snow Joe does such a great job when the snow is cold and dry.  It’s light and easy to maneuver.  I can do the 140′ side walk and parking lot in about 2 hours instead of all day.  If you are looking for an affordable snow blower that generally works great checkout the Snow Joe.

Thank god that idiot is out of the White House.  He’s left such a mess for poor President Biden to clean up. One of the big things he ignored was this pandemic.  I think the cold blooded bast*** did on purpose to “cull” the dependents on society that aren’t multimillionaires.  Get rid of the old people that collect SS and subsidized housing and the poor people.

The best part of his demise (or at least one of them), two on my radar, all the companies severing ties to the Trump organization best of all Deutsche Bank has said when his loans are up they will not renew or renegotiate a $400M loan.  So he’s going to have to go out and find other lenders and everyone has seen how he operates and I don’t think a bank is going to be stupid and buy his bluster, so his terms won’t be as favorable as in the past.  And he won’t be able to use our Justice system (whom he despises and maligns like our Intelligence agencies) for free and will have to hire lawyers to defend himself from all the civil and criminal law suites.  He may actually go belly up.  🙂  🙂  🙂 🙂   Mitch Mitch McConnell even suggested that people bring civil and criminal suites against him, damn did that invoke a nasty tweet from DJT.  He did not go out with grace, his legacy will be the first president impeached twice and the first to incite an insurrection.  I never liked the man and you even could say despised him as our PUSA.  In case I haven’t said before I worked for him (actually his first bought bride Ivana) at Trump Towers in Atlantic City for a year and knew the small business owner (Nicolas Jacobsen) in West Palm Beach he refused to pay the $33,977 for three chandeliers he installed in Mar-a-Lago ballroom in 2005.  And here we are in 2021 and Mr. Jacobsen is now filing a defamation lawsuit against Trump for $1M.

The Problem with America isn’t a racial issue.  We are all fed up with the lies and deceit coming from our elected officials or their appointed persons.  The double talk out of them is so infuriating.  Big and small issues, you can’t believe anything they say,  And we all know they are lying to us.  Water quality is a blatant example of this.  Flint MI bureaucrats lied for years about lead in their water system and then PGH water authority did the same.  Until the feds came in and called them up on it.  DJT really hit the nail on the head with this, maybe he’s not as stupid as I think he is. His constant whining about the fake news really hit home with many people.  Instead of focusing on all the “fake news” out there he only zeroed in on news against him.

While I’m whining, I went to Penn State and was fed up with the ivory tower mentality of the administration way back then.  When the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke and the then president Graham Spanier did all the double talk and back tracking “he didn’t know anything” the l lost all respect for PSU’s administration.  And Spanier continued to receive his pay, even though he was accused of criminal behavior.  Shouldn’t universities set an example of how things should be run?

Speaking of higher education, I like what Robert Morris University is doing.  They have teamed up with local community colleges where you can enroll at the community college and get direct credits much more affordable than RMU’s cost.  A nice alternative if you have anyone thinking of pursuing a college degree. I know they already have an agreement with Beaver County Community College and believe they are working on an agreement with Community College of Allegheny.

Have you been watching the Hay’s Eagle nest on the web cam?  They now have 3 eggs.  The other day, some stupid racoon climbed the tree to get at the eggs, mom would have nothing to do with it, she really got upset and showed him who’s boss before dad showed up as back up.  It was pretty funny.

Celine Dion is scheduled to perform at PPG Paints Arena September 24, get your tickets because she’s sure to sell out and be sure to book at The Parador.  Remember it’s a five minute walk from my Inn to the “T” (our light rail system) and then a five minute walk to the Arena from the Steel Plaza station and the “T”‘s free.  No hassles driving, parking or if you imbibe concerns about a DUI.  Book soon here if you want a one night visit, when I start selling out, I will bump it up to a two night minimum.  🙂

Well, I’m tired and going to sign off, I should have my Reggae set up by Thursday, waiting on a part.  That might motivate me to do another blog this coming weekend.  Take care, keep warm, stay safe and say hi to a neighbor,