Well, I guess DJT doesn’t want one black vote this fall.  Even for him I am shocked at what happened outside the White House Monday just for him to have a photo op in front of a church with a bible in his hand.  He had peaceful, legitimate protesters removed from the path he was to take for his photo op with rubber bullets and tear gas.  This was before the curfew and the protesters were peacefully protesting.  So he wants to call up the military to stop protests?  See the second paragraph below this.

Mildly related to the above, the artist Christo passed away May 31.  Honest there is a connection here.  Some of Christo’s most famous pieces include the one in Central Park called The Gates.   Another famous one was Surrounded Islands Biscayne Bay.  Another one was Paris’ famous Arch of Triumph which was really his big thing to cover something to show it in a different light, he started small with paint cans and oil drums and worked his way up to these huge projects.  He would spend years and millions of his own money (and that of his wife Jeanne-Claude) researching and planning these pieces.  All his pieces were properly approved by local authorities.  OK, here’s the tie in to DJT, after decades in the planning and $15M of his own money, he abruptly canceled the project that was to cover miles of the Arkansas River in Colorado because the “landlord” would have been DJT because it’s federal land.  I like his quote his & Jeanne-Claude’s projects “exists in their time,impossible or repeat.  that is their power, because they cannot be bought, they cannot be possessed.”

OK, I had to put Christo above, actually this one should have been the second paragraph.  Have you read the book Franklin & Washington by Edward Larson?  If you haven’t you need to, or if you read it a bit ago, pick it up again and re-read it.  As I’ve said many times in the past our founding fathers had to have been aliens, or possibly seers.  As I was recently reading it, OMG, DJT is the anti-Christ or whatever you want to call it that scared the hell out of them. He is what they envisioned when they created the separation of government into three distinct branches with checks and balances to keep our nation from falling into a dictatorship. Dispite the direct correlation  to current events, it is a very interesting book and I highly recommend it.

OK, if you don’t have a Tony in your life, I recommend hanging out at your favorite nursery, bring them coffee and donuts once a week.  (This tactic doesn’t always work my one brother after graduating college wanted in the FBI, so he would occasionally stop by their Pittsburgh office and drop off donuts.  He now works for the DEA, not the FBI)  🙂  Now that Tony’s Alliums are fading, these beautiful iris’s are just blooming Tony’s gifts to me are not just pretty flowers, but flowers timed to open as another closes.  Remember coffee and donuts open doors!


Lets continue with pictures.  Here’s the old water feature next to the courtyard wall:

courtyard fountain old one

A beautiful base, but useless.  It was too narrow and the water would bounce out and only last about an hour.  I haven’t used it for years over this frustration.  I got a new base from Scotty’s North HIills Water Garden, which I go to regularly:

new water feature

Unfortunately I am going to have to move it.  There’s too much crap that falls from the honey locust tree it’s under, yes, it’s only a couple of months that the seeds and other debris falls, but it clogs everything up.  So I’m planning on moving it out front by the front fence.  It will make my little beach a little more appealing and people on the street can enjoy it as well:

New location water feature

And yes, that’s my next project.  I pressure washed the deck and hopefully this weekend can take my belt sander to it and then re-stain it.

Inside scoop, I’m going to be hosting another concert series this summer, with members of the symphony.  It definitely looks like it’s a go.  We had talked about possibly having it in the courtyard, but my contact was concerned about the elements and their quality instruments. so it looks like it will be in the ballroom.

Well that’s it for today, be good, be safe, be happy,



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