I have a limited amount of before pictures, some rooms none at all (the Carriage House rooms mainly and Courtyard). Some of the pictures are of much higher quality by my professional photographer Roy, and some were taken with my cheap little camera.

The Dining Rooms

Here’s the before of the Dining Rooms.

dining room before

Here are the Dining Rooms now.

diningroom after

The Parlor

Here’s the Parlor before

parlor berfore

…and here’s the Parlor now.

parlor after

The Library

Here’s the Library before

library before

…and the Library after.

library after

The Sunroom

Here’s the Library into the Sunroom when I bought the Inn

librarysunroom before

Library/Sunroom today.



Chenille before

chenille before

Chenille now: the left hand corner next to the bed had a door that had a short flight of steps that went up into African Tulip  (Where African Tulip’s bathroom sink now sits). The rest of African Tulip’s bathroom was part of a maid’s closet, now just a narrow linen closet). The window seat is actually heated with a radiator inside it, see the grills below the seat.

chenille after

African Tulip

Here’s African Tulip when I bought the Inn:

at before

Here’s African Tulip now:

at after

African Tulip’s bathroom.

at bath

Where the sink is was stairs that went down into Chenille. Where the terra cotta wall is was the wall that separated the maid’s closet from the stairs. The dressing table was a cabinet and in the bottom drawer was where I found all the Knight’s of Columbus robes that are in the closet in Lady Palm’s entrance way.

at sink

Bird of Paradise

Here’s Bird of Paradise before

bop before

Here’s Bird of Paradise now.

bop after


Here’s Allamanda when I bought the Inn

allamanda before

…and here’s Allamanda now.

allamanda after


Here’s Oleander when I bought the Inn (the rose boarder is original from the 1800s).

oleander before

Here’s Oleander today.


Lady Palm

Here’s Lady Palm’s living room before: the stained and leaded glass windows are two of the few original windows.

lp before

Here’s Lady Palm bookcase and windows now.

Lady Palm Living Room

Here’s Lady Palm’s living room when I bought the Inn, across from the book cases.

lp towards front

Here’s Lady Palm’s living room today.

lp new

Here’s my biggest disappointment for not having enough before pictures, Lady Palm’s bedroom was the storage room for the Mansion when I bought it. There was just a rough floor, built-ins that I decided to use as a headboard (and I pulled one out on either side, put a board on them for the end tables).

lp bedroom


This was Bougainvillea’s living room when I bought the Inn.

boug before

Here’s Bougainvillea’s living room now.

bouig after


Again, I regret not having more before pictures. Both Carriage House guest rooms have been redone twice (the first time was pretty spartan, this was taken during the second renovation when we gutted the old bathroom and added a totally new bathroom).

ruellia bath before

Ruellia today.



During the initial renovations, what became Bromeliad was my space and office, hence the big closet.

brome before

Here’s Bromeliad today. note the floral prints on either side of the bed, the one on the right hides the electrical panel (see above).

brome after

The Veranda

Here’s the Veranda when I bought the Inn with its beat up wooden floor. Shabby contractor that redid it for me initially did a super poor job and it was falling apart already.  I had the expose aggregate concrete installed in 2013. See next photo…

veranda before

Here’s the Veranda with the exposed aggregate cement finish.

veranda aggraget

The Gardens

I took a dumpster full of vegetation off the property. That brick grill was the strongest thing on the property – it was a real bear to remove.

courtyard before

When I bought the Inn, the trees, weeds and vines were all the way to the brick patio, you couldn’t see the wall for all the growth.


Even More Before…

Miscellaneous pictures from when Joedda bought the property from the Knights of Columbus, here’s what became Chenille.

Chenille KoK

Chenille today.

chenille after kok

Here’s what became Bird of Paradise.

kok bop

bop kok

This was the room that became Chenille when Joedda bought the property.

Chenille KoK

Here’s Chenille today.


This became Bromeliad’s living room.

boug KoK

Here it is today. I love light and color (obviously), it killed me blocking that back window with the big breakfront, but I love that piece and it was the only way I could work it in and arrange a seating area in front of the fire place and TV.

bouig after

This is the window alcove of what became Lady Palm’s bathroom.

lp bath window

Lady Palm’s bathroom today.

lp bath window kok

The Mansion’s Exterior

Here’s a picture Allamanda’s bay window from the Courtyard (it’s funny the yellow is pretty much the one I picked and the neighborhood association fought me over).

KoK exterior addition

Allamanda’s bay window now.

allamanda bay window

This image from Joedda is a little scary: apparently the Knights had built a room connecting the Ballroom to the Mansion so they could move back and forth out of the elements.

Ko enclosure to ballroom

The front of the Mansion when Joedda bought it, you can see the Knight’s sign on the porch’s post.

KoK exterior

Here’s the Mansion today.

The Parador Inn