First of all, I couldn’t go to bed without some sort of a tribute to those American Heroes on Flight 93. I only hope I’m brave enough if I am ever in such a situation to do what they did.  This is not an option, you are required to got to Shanksville (not put on a bucket list) but actually go actually go there and pay respect to a group of Americans like no other (actually I think there’s a lot of people out there that would do the same thing.).  I don’t usually pay much attention to my personal Fb page, but was pleased to see how many people chose to remember today.  In particular thank you Amy, Joe and Brian.

I blog on my website and need to go through my personal page to see who’s viewing my blog of Fb and saw the above posts.  A new friend read my last blog and what I had to say about BLM and shared the You Tube for TN Representative John DeBerry, you really need to watch this video.  We are a great country and don’t need anyone to make us “Great Again”, we already are.  We just need someone to actually lead us towards our potential.  In case you haven’t followed my blogs, I am a very patriotic American that believes in our great country and love it with all her problems and challenges.

Allegheny Ludlum sold three stainless steel cars a 1960 Thunderbird, 1936 touring sedan and a 1967 Lincoln Continental Lincoln convertible for $950,000 last week. Allegheny Ludlum is headquartered here in Pittsburgh and the cars had been stored in their Brackenridge facility.  There was only a total of 11 stainless steel cars made.  Allegheny Ludlum is a specialty steel maker.  There is a 1936 stainless steel sedan on display at Heinz History center.  Allegheny Ludlum is now known as ATI Allegheny Ludlum.  And they still have one stainless steel car in their possession.

Good Night and always remember what makes us Great,