Pa·ra·dor (noun)

The Parador InnThe word parador comes from Spanish meaning “to stop” or “an Inn”. The notion of “stopping” at a classic building converted to overnight accommodations dates back to 1926 in Spain. The Marques of Veg-Inclan sought royal approval for the idea of setting up state run paradors as lodgings for nature lovers and hunters around the country. The concept of taking preexisting classic buildings, converting them to overnight accommodations owned and operated by individual proprietors was born. This idea was adopted in Puerto Rico in the 1960′s to encourage travel around the island outside the main cities. The state government offered low cost loans and grants to individual innkeepers to open these hostelries. Over the years, these establishments grew into a unique chain of properties as individual as their owners. Each one a reflection of the owners taste and the local environment.

The paradors offered such a complete package of experience: They blended with the native surroundings emphasizing tropical gardens and foliage. They utilized classic structures and retrofitted them to offer modern convenience. And most of all, they offered personal attention that is seldom reached even in four star hotels (and without the stuffy attitude). Ed Menzer has brought that concept to the heart of Pittsburgh, bringing you a Pittsburgh bed and breakfast with a wonderful taste of the tropics.

Meet Your Host

Ed & RJ in ParlorThe Pittsburgh Parador Bed and Breakfast is owned by your host, Ed Menzer, who fell in love with the concept on his first trip to Puerto Rico. Ed is a hospitality professional with twenty years experience in large and small hotels, from Resorts Casino/Hotel in Atlantic City to The Grande Hotel in Weirton, West Virginia; from The Crowne Plaza in Nashville to The Palm Beach Hilton Oceanfront Hotel. He has experienced many kinds of lodging offerings.