I have been battling Kohl’s for about a year.  My Boston Acoustic Radios died and I needed a new alarm/clock radios to replace them.  I found a Sony clock/radio at Kohl’s on line. I had to give them my name address phone number and email for the order to process.the order (there was no “opt out” option on the order form-I always look for that).  I started getting solicitations from Kohl’s and called them to stop it, after several phone calls and multiple transfers because “I can’t handle that, let me transfer you to someone that can”.  Finally the rep said she could put me on the no solicitations list.  they stopped for several months then they started again.  I went through the same thing again two more times and finally insisted that they remove all of my personal information from their data base.  I was repeatedly told “I can’t do that” and we got into a conversation “This is my personal information, not yours” and then every employee I was transfer to it was “I can’t do that”.  So guess what, I then contacted Josh Shapiro’s office, the PA State Attorney General.  Go ahead, you can laugh at me, during this pandemic, I go to the state AG’s office to get my personal information removed from Kohl’s sales team’s.  I thought I’d never hear anything from the DA’s office.  Sure enough a few weeks later i get a letter from some executive at Kohl’s admin assistant saying “I would no longer receive email solicitations” with no return phone number listed.  So some employee of Mr. Shaprio’s office called me to see if I was satisfied.  I told him absolutely not.  It’s my personal information and Kohl’s has no right to it, particularly when I specifically say to please delete my personal info from their data base before another “accident” happens again.  So Mr. Shapiro’s assistant told me he’d take care of it.  It’s been just a week, I’ll give a follow up when I win and I will win.  🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you can skip the next two items, unless you want extra details.  Razor had the lumps on his body and I knew old dogs get lumps that are benign fatty tumors.  RJ’s had this one that’s  had me concerned, it was more pronounced than anything Razor had and there was a coloring in it.  So when we went for their yearly check up the vet saw it and wanted to check it out a bit more and took a sample looked at it under  a microscope and though she didn’t use the “C” word, she said she was concerned that if it broke it might spread to his organs.(sounds like a potential “C” word).  So we scheduled surgery for this past Thursday.  Here’s the lump:

pet's lump

So he had it removed Thursday, when I picked him up, he was still all whacked out from the anesthesia.  Here’s da boi without the lump, just lots of stitches:

Here’s the sad boi:

sad RJ

Good news, he’s mending rapidly  The funny thing with this ordeal was da gerl’s reaction to him.  She didn’t know how to handle her sick brother- she never go close to him, but was always within eye sight of him and watching him that first day.  By day 2 she she was looking to him to play with her..  Within two days he was running around the courtyard chasing his sister.

Nice thing about this pandemic is I’m slow and got lots of time to focus on my projects.  The deck in my “beach” has been a sore spot for me for a number of years.  I knew to fix it it was going to take a lot of time.  Adding the new water feature spurred me on to take on this project.  I now have a new location in the courtyard for guests to relax in.  Here’s the nasty deck before:

original deck

And here’s the renewed deck:

deck courtyard

And finally the deck from the sidewalk so you can see it with the water feature:

deck from sidewalk

Another project almost completed is refinishing the captain’s table on the veranda.  It’s finished and drying, I’ll put pictures in my next post.

OK, I can’t do a post without whining someone.  Just 3 things this time Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin refused to list recipients of federal bailout PPP loans because it was proprietary information.  The hell it’s proprietary, it’s federal tax dollars I paid into and I have every right to know who received this money and how much.they got.  I don’t care about their social security number tax EIN, home address, phone and email address.  I want to know that Morton’s Steak House received $20M in bailout money.  The “interesting” thing about the PPP bailout money most of it needs to go to payroll.  The Feds don’t require % to whom.  So I’ve hard senior mgmt drew large paychecks while the hourly  got a couple of hours at their minimum wage rate.As it turns out the reason Munchin didn’t get flak from our elected officials is that many of them own companies that received PPP money.  Thank god for our free press.

Another other gripe is DJT sending federal law enforcement to Oregon.  There are heavily armed supposedly law enforcement people arresting citizens and these thugs have no IDENTIFICATION on their “uniforms” of camo clothes in vehicles that have not identification on them.  This is police state tactics.  This is unbelievably outrageous we are not Caracas, Moscow, Beijing-this is America.  

OK, my last whining is about public statues.  I’m a law abiding citizen (OK I speed sometimes)  😉   These statues belong to me and the rest of us.  Because someone doesn’t like them, there’s a process to have them removed.  I didn’t agree with moving the statue honoring Pittsburgh native Stephen Foster from outside the Cathedral of Learning, but that is democracy and I’m willing to be OK with that, they went through the process.  If you don’t want a statue honoring Christopher Columbus who sort of discovered America because he owned slaves. You have no right to throw ropes over it and pull it down because you don’t like it (there’s a lot of things in America I don’t like, but I don’t take the law into my own hands),

One final happy story I was on the front porch today, when my homeless friend John stopped by to pet da kidz and asked if he could buy them a vanilla ice cream cone (they’ve never had ice cream), I told him he could.  So he bought them one, him one and me one.  I took them to the parking lot and with my hand scooped ice cream out of their cone and mine and tossed it on the ground.  They loved the ice cream,

That’s it for today, have a great day and remember to hydrate,