I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas., I did. And if you are one of those that celebrate New Years Eve, please be responsible with drinking and driving.  Either a designated driver or one of the ride sharing companies need to be in your plans.  Besides not wanting one of my friends to get hurt or hurting someone else, the police will be out in full force (and rightly so)-so if you get busted shame on you.  That’s better than causing an accident.

This is my favorite holiday card this year is a Lab with icing and sprinkles on his nose (the puppy next is just adorable):

Cookie eating Lab


The greeting inside the card says “There will be no cookies this Christmas due to technical difficulties”.  Although the lab looks more like RJ with his American Standard looks than Rayezette with her English Lab looks, the potential for sampling cookies has her name all over it.  She would do that and look at me with a look, I’m really sorry dad, I couldn’t help myself.

Javier & Sasha were up for the Patriots game, this was their fourth visit, I believe.  Javier prefers to call to make his reservation than doing it on line.  At the end of our conversation, he always asks if there’s anything they can bring me from Cancun.  As always, I said thank you but I’m fine.  Later I thought they are coming up from Mexico the home of my beloved dia de Muertes, day of the dead, it is such a fun and colorful festival.  So where better could I get stuff for day of the dead, I called him back and said if they found a dia de Muertes item, I would love  it.  When they arrived on that Saturday, they sat down at the center dining room table and Javier started pulling things out of a bag, and continued pulling items wrapped for safe travel.  Here are the skulls and one Katrina they brought me:

day of the dead skulls The Parador Inn

And they brought me a day of the dead tshirt:

day of the dead tshirt Pittsburgh PA


I love this shirt.

I’ve been fairly slow this week and I’m sold out this weekend for the holiday and Steelers home game and been getting everything ready for that.  I finished everything upstairs and walked down into the basement and saw all my elephant ears that have been down there for two months drying out.  I lost my contact with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Gavin has left them.  So I couldn’t get approval to take my big composting items to one of their composting piles.  I was complaining about this to a guest and he said he just cuts his ears down, then runs his lawnmower over them.  I tried that and they just gummed up.  So I’ve had them in the basement drying out. Since I didn’t have any guests today, I fired up the lawnmower in the basement and chopped them up.  They are now compostable, I added them to all the leaves I’ve collected this fall. When I came upstairs with the chopped leaves to put on the compost pile da gerl said “Dad the kitchen stinks, I want to go outside for awhile”.

I have my dog sitters/Inn sitters all lined up for my trip to Florida this winter.  Weird as it is, Art & Randi are coming up from Vero Beach and I am going down to just below Vero Beach.  Vero Beach is a very cute coastal town.  I got to know it a bit while living down there.  LuAnn that worked at a nursery I would go to lived up there.  It’s about an hour north of Lake Worth where I used to live and she would drive that commute every day.  I understand an hour commute coming in to New York or DC, but Lake Worth it was frequently a subject of conversation about how she was certifiably insane.  I loved LuAnn, when I would go down to the nursery we would sit in the office for an hour at least laughing our *sses off.  🙂

Thanx for listening to me and have a safe and happy New Year,