Have you filled out the census yet?  No excuses just follow my link.  Don’t make me come over to your house to make you do this.

OK, now that I’ve threatened you, lets lighten things up a bit, I love my Alliums in the spring:


There are over 700 types of Alliums, they are actually onions, Thanx Tony for picking these ones out for me. I pays to have a friend that’s a horticulturist.

You’ve heard of the battle of roses, well there’s been the battle of the pigeons at the Parador.  OK,  the pigeons won, I lost.  I’ve stopped feeding the song birds because I’m tired of fighting the the pigeons.  But I love going out on the veranda in the morning, having coffee and breakfast and listening to the song birds.  So I took the bird feeder down and just throw a couple of handfuls of bird seed on the ground.  So now that there’s on longer the endless buffet the pigeons have pretty much left us alone.. The song birds pick away at the seeds on the ground and when the occassional pigeon shows up and I shoot the bb gun they leave and don’t come back that day.

That dirt bag Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, tried to get out of jail early saying he wanted to develop a corona virus vaccine, well the judge was not as stupid as Shkreli thinks we all are.  The judge literally told him that he figured Shkreli would create another scam like he has in the past and returned him to prison for the balance of his 7 years sentence. His trial wasn’t even about raising the price of Daraprim, by 56% which is listed by the WHO as an essential drug, they got him on securities fraud.

I don’t know who’s doing this but some animal has been chewing of branches off the last of three  arborvitaes along the mansion in the courtyard.  (The other two heavy snow had uprooted them about 2 years ago).  I had noticed branches in the grass several times over the winter (I’m not a big outdoors person in the cold and pretty much ignored them.  Then on a warmer day I actually looked around and he/she/it had made a pile of branches like a nest behind the boxwoods .and when I poked around at it nothing was there.So I gathered them up and put them out for trash-they are not compostable..  And he/she/it continued to chew off branches.  I did have that possum in the year several years ago, maybe it was that.  No more nests, just chewed branches which I’ve cleaned up again.  It looks pretty sad, maybe I’ll pull it out and add another group of banana trees.  I put two where the other arborvitaes had been.This guy looks pretty naked (in a tree kind of way, few branches);


I’m not saying this is so, but that homeless friend of mine John was talking to me and his read on the government’s response to the covid19 is that they are trying to eliminate small businesses.  For a homeless man, John is pretty well read.  He goes to the library and uses the computer all the time.  John has always been a big fan of the kidz, that’s how we started talking.  Anytime he walks by, if we’re on the front porch he as to say hi to them.  This homeless man actually started buying them treats.  The treat were cheap, made in China and I don’t allow the kidz anything made in China.  My excuse to John to stop buying them if he’s homeless he should be spending his hard earned pan-handling money of food.  🙂  His proof of this government conspiracy was that the economic recovery funds went to big corporations like Morton’s is not a small business and they received $20M bailout as did cruise lines, big resorts,  His point was if it was really to aid small businesses, it should have had a cap on gross income the previous year of something like #250K, pretty smart for a homeless man I’d say.  🙂  I’m not saying I agree with him, I’m just saying his point makes a lot of sense.  He also says a big fear in the homeless community is the government is planning on using the pandemic as an excuse to declare marshal law.  I’m just going to leave that one alone.

OK, now that I’m on a rant, I hate with all our problems the bureaucrats making all their excuses.like Dr Levin, the PA Secretary of Health explaining why so many of our seniors are dying in nursing and assisted living homes.  This is a total disgrace and there is no excuse that’s acceptable.  If I hear the hollow bullet point “health and safety is our #1 concern and priority” I think I will either blow their brains or mine..  Give me a break, let’s put your mom in one like Brighton Heights with more covid19 deaths than all other homes in PA combined.  And unemployment blaming the back log on computer upgrades that were never installed.  Excuse me for shouting THAT’S YOUR F****** job.

If you follow my blog, I think the last one I talked about all the cancellations I’ve been receiving.  On top of that Kenny Chesney canceled as did Green Day in August.  I’m over $10K in refunds and very little income.  I did have the two weddings,and the Steeler’s schedule came out.I think the NFL will figure out a way to  not have a no fansless games because they are looking at $5.5B loss in revenue.  And I’m finally getting a little traction with my covid19 special $100+ weekday and $125+ weekend rates through the end of June.  I even had several cancellations that asked me to hold on to their deposit and  keep it for the rescheduled concert next year.  I’ve guaranteed they would get the same rate, room for the concert and 50% off if they’d like to book a second night.  Last week Ciera visited, they had tickets for a concert that had cancelled  and didn’t want to stick me with another cancellation, some people of so nice.  That’s what we have to focus on in these times.

I’m up to 24 followers on Instagram in a little over a week!  Instagram just shows people that like a post and people that follow you or you follow them, Instagram does not show how many people looked at the post, just the likes..  Instagram is owned by face book, I Something else new to learn I guess.  Maybe social media mogul Ed Menzer needs to learn Pinterest next.  🙂

Want to do something safe for entertaining, I’ve talked about Drive in theaters in the past, this might be their great break at re-emerging.  Follow this link to find the five left in our area.

I successfully filed for PUA today, spoke with a wonderful lady Danielle.

Have a great Memorial Day, another thought for a safe holiday outing, take the kids to a cemetery and show them all the flags placed on ware vets that died to keep us safe and explain to the kids what the Ultimate Sacrifice is and the difference between the various wars.  Out in Lawrenceville is a beautiful cemetery with a lot of Civil War graves. it’s Allegheny Cemetery if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a cool trip and you can practice social distancing there.  🙂  While you are there, you can take the kids past Arsenal park and school and explain where it got it’s name.  They were doing some construction in the area and had to stop because they unearthed some old canon balls and didn’t know if they were still dangerous.

Well, that’s it for today,


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