First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a lot to be Thankful for.

Dee resigned a couple of weeks ago, she took a position at a nursing home, I think she will do well there.  After watching her with Betty in her last few weeks, Dee definitely has a bedside manner.  I’ve been encouraging her to work on a nursing degree, I will not be around forever.  This new place has a tuition reimbursement program and that should work well for her.

The reason I brought this up is usually this time of year, we would have our assigned duties.  So this year I’m doing it all cleaning and decorating for Christmas.  I always cleaned and paste waxed the first floor she would do the dining room chandeliers.  (I always did the Murano in the parlor.) I cleaned the crystal chandelier over the main dining room table for the first time in a number of years and wow, what a spectacular piece it is.

The chandelier is Waterford crystal.  I’ve seen the name etched int the tongue that holds the round ball on the bottom.  While polishing the crystals I noticed Waterford is also etched in many of the crystals as well.  The reason I bring this up is my thankfulness.  What a lucky man I am to have such a spectacular property and furnishings.  And to own such a successful bed and breakfast.  Sales has not been particularly stunning this year, but something I can handle and still keep up with the maintenance items that need my attention.   Usually, this time of year, I’d have Dee do all the housekeeping and I’d do small projects, saving the big projects till January/February.  This year I am just doing the breakfasts, housekeeping, maintenance and some very minor projects.  I’m OK with that.  I always push the admin things to last and this year it’s even getting worse.  I hate sitting on my butt in the office.  🙂

Speaking of being thankful, I am making progress with the nasty neighborhood association that threatened to sue me over my exterior colors (if you don’t know the story behind that, ask me next time you see me-it’s pretty funny-again I am a lucky man).  The coffee/tea shop opening across the street from me has a much more vivid teal on it’s exterior trim than mine that had them so upset.  Also, I remember blogging about them refusing to give a $1,000 request to the food pantry in the height of the recession when the food pantry shelves were bear.  When it was my turn to talk, I expressed my opinion that “in my world little kids should not go to bed hungry and I don’t know what world you guys live in”.  (They made around $60,000 on their Victorian Christmas House Tour that year and couldn’t give $1,000 to feed kids?!!!!!)  And if you know me, it don’t let things rest, I have whined about this repeatedly.  For years, they did not want me on their Victorian Christmas Tour because my tropical theme was not “appropriate”.  This year, they don’t seem to have enough houses for the tour and several ladies in the neighborhood approached me about using my house for their tour.  And I stand corrected, Holly called me and when she told them what I said about how cheap they are the told her they donate to several charities now, for one the Commons Initiative, funds collected to restore the Commons Park, the oldest park in the city right down the street from me and they donate to two other charities.  My terms were $1,000 to the food pantry.  They countered with that they would set up a fund raising for the food pantry.  I said no, $1,000 or no Parador on the tour.  Look up stubborn in the dictionary and you might see a picture of me. 🙂  So what I am doing this year is hosting an Alternative Victorian House Tour.  $5 cash and I am opening my Inn for tours, all proceeds goes to the food pantry.  I am looking for volunteers to help with my tour.  I need someone to be a greater, some one just to sit in the main dining room to stop tourees from opening the pantry door, because the kidz could get out and cause bedlam.  Shifts are Friday 12/7 from 4 – 8, Saturday from 10 – 4 12/8 and then 5 -9.  If anyone is available, please call me at 412-508-6000 free parking in my lot.  🙂

Finally parents, check out the worst toys list.  Toys today generally are much safer than ever, but that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down.  It’s the holiday buying season, I refuse to go to stores or even drive on Black Friday.

Thanx and keep warm,