The migration to my new hosting company is complete.  Seems the last blog, I thought they had brought my blogging platform over, but not so.  Nick, my web guy manually posted it for me, he’s great, we love him.  I got an email from Go Daddy that Word Press had been migrated so I want to do a short post to see if it goes through.

As is usual with me, technology raises it’s ugly head when I attempt something.  I think I hear technology snicker when I try something.  🙂  This has been two weeks of torture.  Nick did a great job navigating the transfer and I had to get involved only a few times and that always scares me what I might screw up.  At least other than when my old hosting company shut my site down, it’s not been down since, Nick created a shadow site and directed inquiries to it.  Email became a challenge.  During the migration, because my old hosting company still had my email address, Nick had to forward all my mail to my gmail account.  So instead of just clicking on the Outlook Icon on my desk top, I had to log into Chrome and the open my gmail account to see any emails I might have received.  Once my site was totally migrated/transferred to the new hosting company I called Go Daddy and spoke with a very polite and knowledgeable rep that set my email up so it goes smoothly to my iPhone (I only use that to see if I’ve received a new email and then come to the office to handle).  And since tomorrow or Tuesday, I am finally upgrading my Microsoft to a newer version than the 2007 I’ve been using she suggested to change the setting in Microsoft until after the upgrade.  So this weekend, I’ve had to go to gmail and Outlook on the web watching for emails.  I haven’t seen all emails, the most important are new reservations and luckily I can go into Think Reservations my reservation system to see new reservations that haven’t appeared in either gmail or Outlook.  There was just a few.  I dread tomorrow or Tuesday whenever the Answer Group installs the new version of Microsoft Office.  Karen, Ron & group have been very patient with my ineptitude.  🙂  I’ve dealt with Robert the tech assigned to this project off and on for over a year now and he talks slowly and in a language I understand.

I wrote this post on Thursday and somehow with the migration to the new hosting company it got lost.  I’m sorry for the late posting on the Furries, they left today.

The next weekend will be the the North Side for the Deutschtown’s Music Festival.  It has certainly grown in the six years it’s been happening.  This year, they will have over 300 bands on the seven outdoor stages and 26 indoor venues.  They also will have food trucks, a beer garden, or should I say Biergarten.  🙂   Featuring local brews.  And they are expecting over 20,000 people to attend.

The Furries are back starting today, Anthrocon . It is a strange looking group, but very fun loving and I love watching them.  The closest I ever came to being a Furrie was when I worked at the William Penn Hotel and was elected to be Barney for the Easter Brunch.  OMG, was that costume hot!  The kiddies were super cute, every time I would walk out of the break room and have a half dozen come running up and grab me by my ankles and couldn’t move until the parents interceded.  I’m sure at this point they have created costumes that aren’t as hot as the one I had to wear.  Of the thousands that attend only about 20% actually get dressed up.

The Latrobe Museum is opening something new the Lincoln Highway Experience, dedicated to the first national highway from the east coast starting in New York City and ending in San Francisco, later this month.  Included in the exhibit will be a tourist cabin, a pretty spartan lodging but better than sleeping in your car or tenting it which was the other option then.  Also, they will have a recreation of a 1930’d diner, you get a slice of pie and cup of coffee with the admission ($14 for adults).  They also have a recreation of an old gas station with authentic gas pumps with the Texaco logo on them.

New Pittsburgh movies, the big one is You Are My Friend starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.  Filming starts here in the fall.  Appropriate with this year being the 50th anniversary of the Mr. Roger’s show.

The other film based on Pittsburgh is Rub & Tub, based on the life and times of massage parlor boss Dante “TeX Gill a transgender who dressed as a man and took on the mob in the 1970’s.  There’s a fair amount of uproar about the headliner Scarlett Johansson, a cisgender (a person who’s personal identity corresponds with their birth sex) portraying a transgender person.

Finally, probably my favorite flower in the world is the Hawaiian Heliconia, commonly called the Lobster Claw and you’ll see why below.

I have a Crocosmia “Lucifer” that reminds me of the Heliconia (I guess mainly because the reds are just a vibrant).  I’ve had it several years and it’s in the path da kidz take chasing squirrels.  So I moved my gargoyle to divert them around it.

The gargoyle worked for several years, but Lucifer has gotten too big and RJ trampled it:

I have that fencing I used before the front fence to slow da kidz down from chasing other dogs walking past and got a couple of “fence posts” to secure it around Lucifer:

Besides protecting Lucifer, the fence works nice because I holds the leaves and flower up pretty good.  So out of a negative, we get a positive.  It does look much nicer supported by the fence.

OK kid’s I’m going to try and post this again as I did last Thursday.  Wish me luck and be good,