I haven’t been following current events lately, big change for me.  I selectively read the newspaper and turn the NPR radio and TV news off when it starts to cover that idiot in Washington who can say anything he wants without any facts behind his tweets.  And anyone that dares to disagree with him, he either calls it fake news or maligns them.  My attitude is based on  St Francis of Assisi’s prayer of serenity that I learned when I was young and Catholic:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”  I love this and think of it often.

He’s subsidizing his big tax break to the 1% by cutting funding to our social programs.  His department heads are methodically cutting food stamp benefits, they are not funding CHIP, health care for poor children, cutting funding to agencies that provide things like ACCESS that provides transportation to poor and elderly.  I believe the reason President Putin is his idol is Putin enshrined the Oligarch system in Russia, with the super rich few trampling on the masses. Maybe we are seeing America’s response to his BS with last night’s Alabama’s special election?  I don’t know what was the final straw defeating Roy Moore, his being judicial and refusing to follow his boss the US Supreme Court, alleged affairs with minor females or possibly his statement of wanting to delete all the amendments to our Constitution after the 8th amendment.  Not sure if it was the 8th or not, but I do recall hearing him saying that he was OK deleting the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. OMG  What I’m concerned about is the 48% that voted for him, I’m sure some of the 48% voted for him because they don’t believe he actually molested teenage girls and figured this was some of what that nameless person in the White House refers to as fake news, some voted for him because he was the Republican candidate, some of them probably supported his decision to illegally keep the ten commandments on government property (the separation of church and state was in the very first amendment) so maybe they thought he was just responding to federal jurisdiction over state’s rights, I don’t agree with this but somewhat understand it.  I don’t understand how any American can say it’s OK for slavery and still able to freely walk our land!

I’ll step off my soap box now.  Here’s the BIG news story of the day.  Da Gerl had her knee surgery yesterday and I picked her up this morning.  So Dee and myself have 10 – 12 weeks of physical therapy to get da gerl back on her feet, so to say.  🙂  I really liked Dr Ley, the surgeon. I picked to have it done at AVETs in Monroeville.  I truly hate the parkway east and will do anything to avoid it, when I took her up for the initial valuation, the 20 minute drive was over an hour.  So bad, I read the entire paper while literally sitting in traffic.  I called the vet to explain I was sitting in traffic and would be late.  When I got there, the receptionist said not to worry about it, they saw where a trash truck dropped it’s load just outside the Squirrel Hill tunnels.   In his presentation, Dr Ley answered all my questions I had made up in my mind to ask before I had a chance to ask.  I was impressed with his quiet confidence.  I’m totally unimpressed with the discharge person, I’m thinking she’s new and didn’t know how to explain post surgery procedures I need to follow.  And the pill bottles were not labeled as accurately as they should have been.  I’m debating on sending Dr Ley an email with my concerns, I don’t want to get a new girl in trouble for not being accurate.

Here’s my gerl:

RJ knows his sister is having some difficulty.  He hasn’t been teasing her to play.  Dogs are amazing.  Dee had some personal problems that we were talking about in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and though she wasn’t crying, she was upset and RJ came over and started rubbing against her.  Last week after my mom passed, I came home and and while standing in the kitchen I also was not crying, but he sensed my upsetness and came up to me and started rubbing against me.  Da gerl ignored both instances.  Maybe it’s age and maturity, or maybe she’s missing the empathy gene.  I love her none the less.

I promise to be more upbeat in future posts,


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