On this date in 1982, AT & T was forced to divestiture.  This is the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, in 1815 the British were soundly trounced (neither side new that the War of 1812 was officially ended two weeks earlier).  Finally, today is the anniversary of Chou En-Lai’s death in 1976 (no one knows exactly when he was born, sometime in 1898).

OK, my glass isn’t half empty or half full.  It’s three quarters full!  Well, more good news on the water leak.  Paul finished repairing the stack and only had to take about 6′ of the 18″ wide wall next to the front door.  We didn’t have to touch that gorgeous paneling in the front foyer or take the plaster down in the Dining Room with Kathleen Flaherty’s mural.

Did I tell you about my basement?  It’s a labyrinth of small rooms, the entire Inn is built of bricks. Even most of the interior walls.  So it needs a bunch of foundations below.  When I bought the Inn, the basement had a lathe and plaster ceiling.  I initially hired someone to take the bulk of the ceiling out so I would have access to the floor joists.  Since then, I’ve picked away at finishing cleaning the basement ceiling up.  After Paul repaired the stack, he went down the basement and removed a bunch of old pipes that were left from previous uses.

Squeezed in that chase with the stack was a bunch of electrical lines of all styles.  Shaun, my electrician had a cancellation on Friday and came by and straightened the wiring in that chase up and started removing dead wiring from the basement ceiling.  He’s coming back Monday to run some new wiring up to the third floor while we have that chase open.

The electrical and plumbing has been repaired, I have a fan on the chase drying it out.  So by next week, I should have the front hallway all closed up.

There’s a new hard cider bar that’s recently opened in Lawrenceville.  Arsenal Cider House and Wine Cellar is located at 300 39th Street.  Bill & Michelle Larkin converted the first floor of their Lawrenceville 19th century row house into the cider bar.  They make all their own hard ciders and are always coming up with new adaptations.  They’re open Wednesday through Friday from 4 – 8 p.m., Saturdays from noon until 8 and Sunday from noon until 4.  Their first batch was sold out in in three months and had to close for three weeks to brew a new batch.  They sell their cider in growlers (1 liters) for about $20 and refills are about $12.

The week before Christmas, I had a melt down with Mark from the Northside Leadership Conference.  At issue was the lack of support to local Northside businesses by the new Rivers Casino and the lack of support of Northside business support groups for this.  When I would drive out the Parkway West and see that sign for the Best Western Hotel’s that says “Stop in for free casino discount tickets”, my blood would boil.  Well, I have to give Mark credit, within two days, George from the Rivers called and set up another appointment with me (we met last summer).  When George stopped by, Jeff from the Inn on the Mexican Wars Streets was here also and George offered us discount tickets also.  He said they also would include us with a link on their web site.  I’m quite happy with this.  Thanx Mark & George.

Well that’s about it for today,


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