When I started blogging, most of the events I talked about came from reading the Tribune Review daily.  The Trib quit print editions so I begrudging switched to the Post Gazette, for my daily fix of news and local events.  Then the Gazette started cutting down on it’s daily print offering trying to force everyone to switch to that more profitable on line format.  So since to have a local news paper, I was going to have to do it on line, I signed up for the Trib.  I also have a strong liking for the tactile feeling of a newspaper in my hands.  Maybe it’s just me and technology,   But I don’t find all the events I used to find in the print editions.  I did try buying the print edition of the Sunday Post Gazette, after they raised the price twice (because it’s the only local Sunday paper they figured they could get away with it-maybe so but not with me) I quit buying anything from the Gazette.  They do pass out a free copy of a weekday Gazette at Kuhns sometimes.  Then they try an get me to sign up for a subscription.  I’ve told them when the Gazette wants to offer a seven day subscription I’ll sign up.  Then I get the old it’s the new way all newspapers are going.  And when I respond with I refuse to support Block Communications that has not given their staff a raise in over ten years, that always shuts them up.  So news junkie that I am, I now have a subscription to the Sunday NY Times.  And though they have no local news I do like their national and international coverage.

Speaking of the Times, they had an article Sunday about the Burning Man out in Nevada.  It is something on my list of things to do, This years event just finished, so maybe next year.

Ester and Fester keep entertaining me.  A strange squirrel tried to move in and Esther would have nothing to do with this.  Initially I thought she was playing with one of her kids (she has 2) and then I noticed the new one was much heavier than the youngsters.  This “play” was much more aggressive than the normal play I’d watch the family engage in and that’s when I realized we had an intruder.  He didn’t last a day before Ester kicked his butt and he left.  I enjoy watching the kids play chase with each other.  The other day, I thought one was stuck on the little roof over Allamanda’s sort of bay window.  They go up the oak tree next to the mansion and jump on the flat roof over Allamanda to get acorns that have fallen onto the roof.  I thought maybe she had jumped off the flat roof onto the little roof over the bay window and didn’t know how to get off and thought I was going to have to rescue her.  She finally figured out she could just jump over to the pine tree on the corner there. Yes sometime I have more time on my hands than I should.  🙂

Gardens - Veranda

David & Veronica came for a visit last month and I know David reads my blog regularly and he hollered at me.  The last time we spoke was after Dee quit and I was having trouble with temps to work housekeeping for me-a few funny stories there.  I thought Dee was good, but Jennifer is fantastic.  I totally love her.  I ask Jennifer to do something once and that’s all I have to do.  I always had to remind Dee that cleaning the first floor on Fridays included the plant room and the powder room.

One of my more recent posts I was complaining about Pittsburgh recycling program and management.  The new manager is trying something new, a lot of municipalities are no longer accepting glass.  The problem is glass breaks and pollutes other recyclables like cardboard.   What she’s trying to do is set up glass recycling stations at the major drop off stations in Hazelwood, Strip District and Construction Junction.  As I said in that post, managers are supposed to see problems and create solutions.    this all happened days after my post complaining about the recycling program that was all about being a Debbie Downer, Oh we don’t take that or that. I’m not saying Mayor Peduto’s office follows my blog to keep a hand on the pulse of the city, I’m just saying …………   And I do have to say, since Mayor Peduto has taken office, I see city employees doing more and more than previously.  If Mayor Peduto does read my blog, I have something to say to him, get rid of the beard.  🙂

Arlen Hess the owner of City Books right down the street from me and myself are receiving a Celebration of Humanity Award at Nova Place on Thursday September 19.  This is an honor from the Northside Common Ministries.  Tickets are still available if anyone has time and wants to come along.  🙂

I have a 360 degree tour of my Inn and am not ready to release it.  It should be ready in just a few days, there’s a couple of tweaks I want them to fix.

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