Some cool things happening around the City this weekend (besides my wedding which is RSVP).  🙂

Venture Outdoors is having their last Family Outdoor Festival of the season over in Allegheny Commons Park (right down the street from me).  It’s from noon until four tomorrow and is FREE.  They’re going to have kayak rides, rock wall climbing, bicycling, etc.

Over at Soldiers & Sailors Hall in Oakland they’re having the Pittsburgh Craft Collective for it’s second year.  This is from noon until five on Sunday.  The event Crafts N’At will showcase 100 local artists and craftspeople featuring hand made indie crafts.  There is a cover, I don’t know what it is, but part of the cover goes to Animal Friends.

Also, Obscure Games Pittsburgh are having another event this weekend.  They’re a group that tries to get adults out to play games and have some fairly traditional games like ultimate frisbee to things like human pinball and Vikingball.  They don’t seem to have a clear listing of the games this weekend on their web site.  There’s a good article in today’s Tribune Review in the Living Section, page 3.  I tried to do a link to it, but Explorer won’t load the page for some reason.  You’re on your own here.

EZ.  I am so together this weekend, I can’t stand myself.  Melissa & Eric are getting married here, I have all my errands done, all the plants (inside and out) are watered, Betty spent a couple of days visiting and she weeded, I straightened up the beach and raked it, took the recycling out, Derronda’s coming in this afternoon and she’s going to do all the b’fast prep for tomorrow.  (I’m training her to be able to take manager responsibilities of running the Inn in the evenings doing the check-ins and b’fast prep.  And running the Inn in the mornings actually doing the b’fasts.)  I wish I could take credit for being so good, but actually the Inn was very slow the past couple of days that gave me a head start on everything.

We lost another housekeeper last week.  So I ran an ad on Craig’s List and got some very good applicants.  I’ll be calling four of them back next week for a second interview with Derronda and myself.

OMG, Razor is an Olympian.  I’ve gotten over my fear of him and other dogs and broke down and am taking da boiz over to the dog park section of the Commons.  Lake Elizabeth is over in that section and there’s an island with a gradual cobble stone slope into the water (the rest of the lake has a cement lip that he’d have trouble climbing with his arthritis).  And, there’s only two bridges onto the island, so I can monitor when other dogs are coming and going.  Razor has taken to the water like there’s no tomorrow.  I used to sneak him down to the ocean when we lived down in Florida, but I guess the waves bothered him because he really wasn’t in to it then.  He’s like a little kid out there just swimming and swimming.  And Mr Pushover that lets RJ walk all over him with toys on dry land adamantly won’t give an inch with toys in the water.  THEY ARE RAZOR’S, AND HE DOESN’T SHARE.  🙂

Well, everyone’s checked in, D’s making bread and doing the rest for b’fast and I’m taking da boiz down to the park, have a great weekend,