Yesterday I hosed off the winter from the sidewalk, parking lot front and side porches.  Today, Jason from AAA stopped by to do my annual inspection.  Good timing Ed.  And it was such a nice day, I got to work in the yard cleaning some of the winter out of the Courtyard and Beach.  Crocuses, tulips and hyacinths are all coming up.  Spring is in the air.  🙂

Did a few errands, dropped off my recycling and then finally got started on my book again.  Very productive day, got close to five thousand words written.  And this has been just in updating the current text with my new perspectives based on my more recent experiences.  My goal is to add fifteen thousand words by the end of the weekend.  Wish me luck.  But now that I’m back into it, I’m enjoying it as much as when I started this project when I sold my bed and breakfast in Florida and was bored.

Brian, from Pittsburgh Film Makers www.pghfilmmakers.org stopped by this evening.  They’re filming a scene here for one of their up coming movies.  And yes, they will acknowledge my Inn  in the credits.  This is the second filming here.  Two years ago I received a phone call from a Japanese film maker that was filming a documentary on Louis & Charles Tiffany up in a Connellsville glass factory that still makes glass for the Tiffany company.  The producer saw my Inn on line and decided she wanted to film some “at home” shots of Tiffany.  We came to terms and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The administrative assistant I spoke with what sounded like American,  English I am used to.  My contact person was of Japanese descent and spoke perfect English, the rest I communicated through him.  Very nice people and very polite.  I gave them a box of chocolate candy, sodas and water and they couldn’t have been more appreciative.  The gave me the official pen of the movie.  The actor portraying Louis Tiffany could have been him, they had a picture and I swear they were identical.  Charles Tiffany’s portrayer had similarities, but that was about it.  They filmed some scenes outside with Louis & Charles walking down the street chatting and then several scenes in my dining room.  I asked to be acknowledged in the credits and they said they intended to do this.  When they left, I was assured they would send me a CD of the film.  Sure enough, about a month later, I received a copy.  The film naturally was all in Japanese, so I had no idea what they were saying but enjoyed it very much.  At the end, when the credits started I realized that I don’t speak or read Japanese and so would have no idea if they did in fact credit my Inn.  Well, lo and behold, my Inn’s name came up in English and I assume what was over or under it was the same.  Thanx guys.


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