What a nice weekend.  Bill and Pam were back again brought their son Nate in to take a test for Penn Culinary School, it has a new name, but that’s where I went.  Annette & Mark, repeat friends also, came to the ‘burg to pack up the kids from school.  Dawn and Ed came by for a get away other than their normal Steelers visit.  There were several other “new” friends that came by for the first time, but when Matthew and Jana checked in, Matt told me they were here on a referral from Ernesto.  Ernesto and Jessica was one of the nicest weddings I’ve had the honor to host.  If you’ve been here, the hand carved wooden fruit on my front round dining room table is a gift from his wonderful parents.

The fund raiser for the YMCA was quite fun.  The numbers aren’t in yet, so I don’t know how much they were able to raise for their good deeds, but all the guests certainly had fun.  I know they had over a hundred guests, many I remember from last year.  Linda I did a real nice catering.  Brian O’Neil was here signing copies of his book The Paris of Appalachia, a book about Pittsburgh. A real good book.

I got the tickets for the Warhol and Carnegie Museums of Natural History, Art and Architecture yesterday.  The Carnegie sells them to me for $9 (about 1/2 off), I sell them to any of my guests for that.  So anyone booking here, just let me know that you’d like them.

Well, I guess this is going to be a short one, good night,


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