It was announced last night that Bin Laden has been killed by the US Special Forces.  From what I understand at this point, he was shot, not “taken out by a missile”.  I knew we would get him, I’m surprised it took so long, but I was very concerned that they would just blow up some compound somewhere.  That our troops actually looked him in the eye when they shot him makes me happy.  And I’m sure that he now realizes mass murderers don’t don’t go to paradise.  May he rot forever.

Tomorrow is Paranormal Day, the day for paranormal enthusiasts can get together and share their unique experiences, it is the anniversary of CBS Evening News first broadcast (1948) and it is Lumpy Rug Day-this is the day to celebrate teasing all the bigots and trigots for shoving unwelcome facts “under the rug”.  The defenders of the status quo get a new rug when they’ve shoved too many inconvenient facts “under the rug”.  🙂

The owners of Serro Scotty campers are a cult unto themselves.  Built in North Huntingdon, just off the Turnpike by the late John Serro, they are those cute little aluminum and wood bubble shaped trailers you see around.  The “convention” is next week at the Scottyland Camping Resort in Middlecreek, Somerset, PA from Thursday through Sunday.  More info can be gotten at 814.839.4084 or at their web site Serro Scotty Camper Enthusiasts, 1,400 member strong group.  Possibly more interesting than the exterior of these unique campers are what these enthusiast have done with the interiors, and they want to show them off.  🙂

OK, the secret location is out.  East End Brewery is moving out of their currently location on Susquehanna Street (4,000 square feet) to their new location on Frankstown Avenue (17,000 square feet).  And instead of renting, they are buying the new location.  I think they should have bought the old Iron City Brewery,  they probably could have gotten it for a song.  🙂  They’re pumping out around 18,000 barrels a year.  At 31 gallons per barrel, that’s quite some beer.

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia, did you know that until about a century ago, pistol dueling was an Olympic sport?

I had never considered or heard anything about this before.  Did you know America nuclear power plants’ insurance is capped at $375M?  They probably spent that in the first hour at Fukushima Daiichi power plant.  ):  Germany, the country with the strongest regulations requires each plant to be liable with ALL of it’s assets and $3.7B.  Germany had set a goal of eliminating nuclear power, prior to the Japan disaster.  I hear they are looking into how they can speed this up.

It’s our Civil War’s sesquicentennial and the Appalachian Regional Commission has designed a web site showing maps of places of interest commemorating this major American event.  The Civil War was a lot more than the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Bull Run.  There was a lot of smaller skirmishes and non battles that made us what we are and this site tries to give access to these lesser known events.  For local locations, visit the PA State Office of Tourism.

I had a phone call earlier last week, this lady that promotes urban walking tours asked if they could stop by my place on Sunday (yesterday) for a quick peak at my place and if I could give them some history, they’d appreciate it.  Well it rained all morning and early afternoon yesterday and I kind of figured they canceled and never called me.  Well, right around noon, forty some people (with umbrellas) showed up at my door.  Between Mr. Rhodes design of the Mansion and my furniture placement, it’s very easy to have a flow of people come through.  So they filed through, I gave a short speak on the history of the Mansion and myself and they then asked to see the Ballroom.  So we went back there and then they were off.  A very nice group of people, particularly since they were trudging through the rain.  🙂

Have a great day and keep dry,


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