Hi, I’m back,

Once again, I did nine miles over the speed limit (sometimes a bit more) and still arrived when mapquest said I should.  Darn law breaking speeders, they should be banned from the Internet.  🙂

Da boiz were quite happy to see me.  They were bouncing all over the place.  So I took them to the park for their run, fed them and then hollered at RJ for being WAY to enthusiastic when I was trying to get my computer to work.  All is back to normal.  🙂

When I asked Vicki at the Inn on the Ocean www.innontheocean.com about leaving my truck in their parking lot so I could walk up to the convention center, she said it was more than the twenty blocks I thought it would be, it was more like thirty.  She immediately offered to drive me up, AND pick me up.  I just love bed and breakfasts, could you imagine the manager of a Hilton making that offer?  Breakfast was great.  It started with a medley of fresh fruit, coffee, OJ and a cinnamon bread that melted in your mouth.  Then fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh chives, crisp bacon and a home made muffin.  If you ever get a chance to visit Charlie & Vicki, be sure to ask about the wedding they had the day the moved into their new Inn.  Way too funny.  I was so full from breakfast, I couldn’t even think about a McGrease burger until after five (actually it was a McChicken w/grease).

So they gave me a ride up to the convention center and gave me some local tips on the trip.  There was three regular linen vendors at the show (there also were a number of rental companies and linen processing companies).  I think I have the info I need to make some decent choices.  One of the linen vendors, Harbor Linen’s did the same bs that gives sales people such a bad name.  They have their fancy booklet there with lots of pretty pictures and some descriptions, but no prices.  So I asked about getting a price list and the sales man started the same spiel about all of there customers are treated as unique customers.  I treat all of my guests as unique guests and don’t hide my prices from them.  Make a darn price list and discount for large orders, it’s not a hard concept to grasp.  At least a little guy like me has a basis to work from when wanting to spend time comparing one company to another.

I walked back the thirty blocks and it only took me forty-five minutes, they were short blocks.  Twenty of the blocks was boardwalk.  It was a nice assortment of honky tonk, old style boardwalk, new upscale and comfortably weathered older buildings.  One note to Ocean City, in the course of all my trips on the boardwalk, a dozen plus city trucks passed me, one actually smiled and waved.  I don’t care, but if you want to encourage tourism, at least get your city staff to go out of their way to be friendly.  Jamaica has taught their kids in school for years the importance of tourists.  They have billboards up for the locals explaining how important tourists are.

Well, it’s definitely time for bed, good night.


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