Tomorrow’s the anniversary of the premier of Verdi’s opera Aida (1871), frontiersman “Kit” Carson’s birth anniversary (1868), Libya’s independence from Italy (1951), Howard Hugh’s birth anniversary (1905) and diabolically enough, on Christmas Eve, the first surface to surface guided missile was fired by the Germans in 1942.

There are a lot a bad cops out there.  Hugely, there’s a lot more of very good and dedicated police officers.  They go through extensive training and have their lives on the line all the time.  I have always thought it peculiar that the uniforms of theTSA agents at airports mimic police uniforms and badges mimicking police badges.  I’m not saying TSA agents are not trained and do not have an important job.  What I’m saying is they are not police officers, so quit the masquerade.  They are  always working in an air conditioned (heat and cool) location, not out on some icy road, they are trained to detect suspicious behavior, not if the perp has a gun hidden under the seat.  Instead of dressing them like our police officers and if they want an official law enforcement type uniform, why not dress them as Bobby’s in London?  🙂

The Fayette County Food Bank, that was flooded the day before Thanksgiving has reopened.  They lost 30 tons ($35,000) when the Redstone Creek flooded their first floor.  Thanx to their workers dedicating 10 hour days to get the area cleaned up and sanitized, they are reopened and ready for business.  They serve 49 food pantries, 3,000 households and 936 senior citizens.  Because they are in recovery mode, their shipments only contained ten items, instead of the 24 they normal include per household.  It’s amazing what help these small organizations can accomplish on such a limited budget and limited staff.

Which reminds me of the Guatemalan community that was in my little town where my first Bed and Breakfast was.  They lived in Lake Worth, but the fields where the jobs were was west out past Wellington.  The public transportation system stayed coasted, most people out around Wellington didn’t need public transportation (just a hint, Wellington has the highest concentration of Polo in the country).  So what did the Guatemalans do, complain the public transportation didn’t service the farms?  No, they bought a bunch of old school buses and started their own bus lines.  🙂

All six Steeler Super Bowl trophies are on display next week at the Carnegie Science Center.  Viewing the trophies is included in the Science Center’s price of admission of $17.95.  More info at their web site or by calling 412.237.3400.

Currently at the Steel Plaza T Station (under the One Mellon Center) has a display by Ann Coddington Rast, and Illinois artist that used 20,000 year old basket weaving techniques using twine, linen and hair.  Ann combined various techniques and materials to create different pieces of art.  Some look familiar, but when you look closely, you realize it’s not what you first thought it was.  Kind of interesting, and free.  🙂  This was put together by the Society for Contemporary Crafts.  It will remain on display through February 12.  More info at Ann’s or Contemporary Craft’s web sites or by calling 412.261.7003.

The Christian Assembly of Beaver Fall’s 18th annual Christmas Day Meal for the City is moving location from The Berkshire Banquat Hall to the Big Beaver Falls Area High School Cafeteria so they can serve more people.  They expect to feed more than 1,200 people this year.  No only does this move give them more space, it also is better handicapped accessible and all on one floor.  They will be serving from 11:30 until 3 p.m. this Sunday, if you have some spare time before you sit down with your family for dinner.  The high school is at 1701 Eighth Avenue, Beaver Falls.  More info at the church 724.846.3751.  It’s a little late for this year, but they are always looking for donations of new clothing, toys, cosmetics and toiletries for gifts for the less fortunate.  Monetary donations for next year can be mailed to the church at Eighth Avenue and Ninth Street, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

You guys all have a great Christmas. friends, family and strangers,


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