Well, I’m tired, sore and my bald head is sun burnt.  Went out to Betty’s today and almost finished cleaning up the woods from all the snow storm damage.  Anyone know someone that wants firewood?  Most of it’s cherry and there’s some big logs and a lot of smaller.  I then took her out to South Park’s Club House for some artery clogging deep fried fish sandwich and French fries.  All and all a pleasant afternoon and evening.

I finished the book, Stones into Classrooms.  A very good book, this is the third book I’ve read in the past few months on Afghanistan.  Those people’s culture is so different, I find it very intriguing to learn about.  Generally all we Americans know is the atrocities carried in the newspapers.  Greg not only gets into how important relationships are over there (more so than here), but also gets into how the different tribes and regions customs are so different.  Yet within their local codes and customs, they understand each other and know how to get along.  This is so different from the dynamics between the Sunnis and the Shiites in Iraq (not necessarily a good or bad thing).  He also describes the tribe that live in the highest habitable (if this word really describes the harshness of this area)  area of Afghanistan next to China and in the Himalayas.  Possibly the most interesting part of the book, for me.

Well, as I said, I’m sore, tired and sun burnt.

good night,


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