Today, by ordnance, the Swedes can sell this year’s supply of  sour (fermented) herring.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Battle of Camden (1780), the battle of Bennington (1777), Klondike Gold was discovered (1896), and death anniversaries of Elvis Presley (1977) and Babe Ruth (1948).  Birth anniversaries include Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, TE Lawrence (of Arabia 1888), labor leader George Meany (1894) and footballer Amos Stagg (1862).

I would like to welcome Jeff to The Parador Team.  Dee, who’s been at The Parador for six years, has done management shifts, but due to school and parenting obligations isn’t able to work evenings.  So Jeff just joined us as an Innkeeping manager, he may regret this choice once he sees all that Innkeepers do.  🙂  And we also have Kevin, who started a few months back and never painted in his life.  He started just doing the sanding, wood prep and priming the exterior of the Carriage House.  He’s progressed to having the ability to do the finish coat as well.  The work on the Carriage House is winding down and he’s done about 90% of it himself!

Mark (a commercial and architectural photographer) and Peggy Holewinski have teamed up with framer Lewinter Moulding in Sharpsburg to create unique and very personal gifts.  The Holewinski’s have taken a lot of pictures of buildings, moldings, iron work that look like letters (some are).  You can go to the website and create your own word or message based on the “architectural” letters available.  It can be as simple as Welcome to more involved messages.  The framer will take the letters you request, work with you on matting and framing materials and create a custom picture (actually, a series of pictures) 🙂 for you.

In the lobby of the Art Institute Downtown they’ve tucked the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators’ latest exhibit entitled Art for a Hire Purpose containing 90 original pieces.  As a side note, the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators is the second largest in the country.  With such a large number of pieces to view, they’ve divided the art into Humor, Editorial, Children’s, Sci-Fi, Corporate, Technical/Medical and Advertising.  Which gives you an idea of the diversity of artwork on display.  A small sampling of artists showcased are Rick Antolic, John Blumen, Fred Carlson, Ashley Cecil and Ilene Winn-Lederer.  The Art Institute is located at 420 Blvd of the Allies, Downtown.  More info available on the Art Institute website, the Art for Hire site or by calling 412-263-6600 and the show runs through August 27.

The Silver Eye Center for Photography put out a call for photographers to take images of Carrie Furnaces for an exhibition celebrating that Pittsburgh icon.  77 photographers submitted 332 images and of these Silver Eye selected 51 images from 32 artists.  People may think of the old steel mills and related pieces left behind of heaps of rusted metal waiting to be recycled, but when viewed through the eyes of photographers, you see the rich blend of textures, details, colors and hues.  Add to the mix how important this was to our history, it makes a very compelling exhibit.  Silver Eye is located at 1015 E Carson Street on the Southside and more info can be had at their website or by calling 412-431-1810.  The show runs through August 24.

Pine Township’s E-Cycling Recycling is located at 11490 Route 19 behind Holdcroft’s Hub Cap City and Auto Sales.  In the words of owner Jenn Carr, they take anything with a plug (and remote controls).  E-Cycling contracts with e-Loop to send the items to who intern send the items to 35 manufacturing firms that take the items apart and sell the pieces to other firms that re-can use the pieces.  e-Loop believes in zero exportation, zero landfill and zero prison labor.  You can drop your items off from 10 am through 4:30 pm weekdays and from 9 am until noon Saturdays.  If it’s an item you would have trouble transporting, Jenn can assist you in finding someone to transport it.  They also accept alkaline batteries and light bulbs for a small fee.  More info at their website or by calling 412-367-0831.

There’s a new bar concept here on the Northside (actually down on the Northshore), BYOF.  Started in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Cleveland are the two cities they are initially expanding to.  Pittsburgh is also their first urban location, all the others are in the suburbs.  Across from PNC Park, they feature 500 beers, 50 on tap on a rotating basis, and no food.  So you can bring your tailgate into the bar and sample their wide selection of brewskies.  They even carry menus for other restaurants on the street that will take phone orders and deliver.  They have live music Thursdays through Saturdays, usually of the acoustic type.  Soap actors Steven Burton and Bradford Anderson are major investors and are know to show up with their band Port Chuck for a session.  BYOF is located at 110 Federal Street and more info at their website or by calling 412-322-2337.

That’s about it for today, enjoy this wonderful Fall weather we have in August :),


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