Did a new breakfast entree last weekend, strawberry French toast, it was a hit.  I’ve already tweaked the recipe, better next time.

Some more Northside news, they have put the construction fencing up in the Commons across from AGH where they are planning on building a fountain to look like the one that was originally there.  It’s supposed to be completed this summer.

Watch out for a scam going around.  People are calling claiming to be representing a “cheaper” alternative to your current electric bill.  The two big things to watch for is number one some are outright scams and the other is they offer a cheaper rate than you are currently paying but it is only good for a limited time and then jumps up to a higher rate than you are currently paying.  The phone number for the PUC to complain is 1-800-692-7380.

With our dysfunctional government unable to do much of anything, private businesses are stepping up to the plate over gun violence.  Dick’s Sporting goods is no longer carrying assault style rifles and are not turning them back to the manufacturer, they are taking them apart and recycling the parts as metal scrap.  They are taking a lot of heat from the NRA over this.  Also a number of investment firms are now screening what the companies that they hold an interest in are doing as far as gun control.  Citigroup was on of the first and Vista has just started as well.

The Pittsburgh Marathon is this weekend, once again the are putting the runners down along the North Shore, running past the big stadiums and through parking lots instead of through neighborhoods.  I love it when they run past my Inn and will post complaints to the marathon people, Dick’s Sporting Goods (the main sponsor) and the convention  bureau.  If I was a runner, I’d be upset as well about running through an asphalt jungle instead of cruising through neighborhoods.

Millvale is celebrating their 150 year anniversary this weekend with 150 acts and bands, not to mention food and beer (they are the home to two noted craft breweries like Grist House Brewery and Strange Roots Experimental Ales.   The local Pop Up Pittsburgh with be selling a cook book celebrating Millvale’s diverse history.  Millvale is a cute little town just up the Allegheny River and worth checking out anytime.  They have a lot of fun things going on.  And Millvale is now home to the Food Truck Park along the river, as I spoke about in my last blog.

As if there’s not enough to do this weekend, Teutonia Mannerchor is celebrating Maifest either in the club (if you are a member) or outside in tents. It starts Friday at 5 pm and runs until 11 and Saturday from 11 until 11.  They will be offering tours of the club during the event, if you might like to join or are just nebby.  🙂  Food, beer and music are on the agenda.  Two performers will be Madel Jager & the electronic Autobahn famous a few years back.

I understand that in our country you are innocent until proven guilty, but I have a problem with Don Blankenship running for West Virginia’s  senate seat, after what happened to 67 miners at the Upper Big Branch mine disaster under his watch.  Just because he’s a Republican, I certainly hope the voters in West Virginia remember who he is.  Just as Michael Vic, officially paid his price in the dog fighting criminal complaint, I still don’t forgive him.  The pain and suffering he caused countless dogs can never be repaid as the lives of the lost miners can not be returned to their families they suffered because of corporate greed.  Vic paid his price but should never be permitted to a role model for children and Blankenship should never be given an opportunity to run out country as he ran that mining operation.

I need to move on to something nice, before I have a serious melt down.  🙂  A nice trip south of here could be to the Meadowcroft Rockshelter  which is celebrating 50 years this month, actually much longer than that.  They have discovered artifacts dating back 16,000 years of human habitation.  In 1955 Albert Miller a amateur archaeologist was poking around his farm and found a knife blade in a groundhog hole and the archaeology digging started then ans has continued.  If you can’t make it to their anniversary  celebration this weekend, you should consider putting it on your summer agenda of things to do.  It’s been years since I was there and I’m sure it’s gotten better, particularly now that the Heinz History Center is involved.  The history center made some great improvements to the Fort Pitt Museum, which is another place you should consider visiting particularly if you were last in there years ago like me an how boring it was.  The improvements are immediately visible.

That’s it for today, I’m loving this warm weather,