Welcome to the United Nations.  Of my four guest rooms sold last night, I have a lady from Columbia, a gentleman from Japan and a couple from India.  (The other foreign guests are from that foreign country Ohio).  🙂  They’re all playing nice, why can’t we do this on a global scale?

What a beautiful day we’re having today.  It is the perfect Fall day, bright, sunny, low eighties.

OK, time for me to vent a bit, I haven’t in awhile.  This morning I read where Charles Munger the VP at Berkshire gave a speak at the University of Michigan.  He told the students the public should “suck it in” during the hard times, this while we the people are facing the largest foreclosure rate in history, joblessness is next to double digit, small businesses are collapsing and bankers are getting their multimillion dollar bonuses.  And I like Warren Buffet, I hope he has a chat with Munger.  Even if that disgusting opinion is his, he should never rub his arrogance in our faces.

On a lighter note, my good friend Myra (the one the gave me the baked oatmeal recipe) is taking the plunge.  Her and her husband Phil just purchased a functioning bed and breakfast near Harrisburg.  By functioning, I mean it has an active b& b license and the physical structures are in good shape.  The previous owner has already sold all the furnishings.  So besides dealing with all the legal things of starting a business, the marketing things of starting a business and the frilly things, they have to outfit the Inn.  Luckily for her (and me), she’s the one that’s editing my manuscript, so they should have some good basics on starting and running an Inn.  I guess that ends the editing process, though.  ):  But that’s OK, I love to see people going off on their own.  More to follow as I get updates.  They’re a great family (son Alex actually usually travels with her when she comes to PGH, Phil has to stay at home for his regular job) and I have the utmost confidence they will do well.

Getting ready for the winter, I inventoried all eight fireplaces to see what I need for this coming winter (one is missing the remote control box and three are missing the remotes).  The place I bought them in 2006 was a real PIA.  A nice lady, but only worked when she wanted to.  So I went to the Monessen web site and they don’t deal with retail customers.  They did have a nice feature that you put in your zip code and they list all the local distributors.  So I put my zip code in and she’s not even listed anymore.  But there’s one right down Ohio River Blvd, almost to Swickley. I went there with my information and the lady their looked my Monessen up and found the “kit” the has the remote control box and remote for $100.  She couldn’t find just a remote listed and said I was going to have to buy kits for all three fireplaces.  I politely threw a fit.  The remote was dropped and broken and I have to buy a whole new system?  That’s like telling me I broke the remote for my TV and I have to buy a whole new TV.  Her associate asked me if I’d like to pursue this further and I said absolutely (they obviously don’t know me).  So they called their distributor and he said I had to buy kits.  We decided to call Monessen directly.  Guess what, you don’t have to buy the kit.  You can buy the remote separate.  Their name is Comfort Living Fireplaces, if anyone needs a fireplace or fireplace insert, very nice people.

Well, I think that’s about it for today, have a great one,


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