I would like to thank all the help I received for my Alternative Victorian House Tour last weekend.  Many friends and neighbors made homemade cookies and cucumber sandwiches which really added to the festivities.  In particular, I would love to thank Linda (the owner of Cabin Fever Bed and Breakfast) whom I’ve known for years and is a dear friend and Ethelyn my neighbor.  I was killing myself laughing at/with them.  Here’s a snippet of one of their conversations.  Linda “I was at Phibbs taking pictures on Tuesday” and Ethelyn said “I was also there, what time were you their?”  Linda “10:30” and Ethelyn, “So was I”.  Linda “I had an excellent lunch there again”  Ethelyn, “What did you have?”  Linda “Pulled pork sandwich”  Ethelyn “So did I, what time” Linda “About 12:30”  Ethelyn “So did I and I didn’t see you”.  I chimed in “You two hadn’t met yet”  🙂  Then Ethelyn started talking about her African Gray Parrots, I remember when I first moved here meeting a woman with a parrot on her shoulder walking around the neighborhood.  As Ethelyn told her parrot stories, Linda kept saying that she should write a book.  Ethelyn had us both falling out of our chairs laughing.

Although we didn’t make the $1,000 goal I had set, we did raise a significant amount.  Something nice was people would come in and not pay the $5 cover, but hand us a $20 and not want change.  People were very generous and I love to see niceness.   

I told you that the neighborhood association wanted to put my home on their house tour and I said I would agree if they made a $1,000 belated donation to the food pantry, they said no and offered to run a fund raiser and I said no to that.  At that final tour committee meeting, one of the members threatened to take his house off the tour if the other committee members forced the issue of donating $1,000 to the food pantry.  Oh grow up, I’m sure you heard about the little boy that didn’t get his way so he took his ball and went home. 

In addition to the coffee/tea shop that opened across the street from me about a week ago, the wine bar’s grand opening is this weekend.  On over in the War Streets neighborhood Mayfly Market & Deli just opened at 1327 Arch Street less than a block from Randyland.  A cute little neighborhood store with a nice selection of staples, Ann Gilliagan’s famous sorbets and many other works by local artists.  Also, this past weekend the wine bar just down the block had their Grand Opening, Juan & Cecilia were overly impressed with the strong turn out.  It was great, next time you’re here, you need to check it out.  🙂

I had some terror moments here at The Parador Inn last week.  Ester my squirrel was outside my window eating peanuts as I was working at my desk.  I finished my project shortly there after and when I opened the office door to go back to the mansion a hawk was having lunch right outside my door.  It quickly picked up it’s prey and flew off.  My first though was I had lost my dear Ester.  ):  Then I looked at the crime scene and didn’t see any squirrel fur, just pigeon feathers.  I feel bad for the pigeon, but super happy Ester is still with us.

Da gerl had her final check up on her ACL, and she’s in good shape, there is still a small break in the bone and the vet said to just keep her from over exerting herself.  That should be fully healed by the summer.  She’s free to go on walks with her dad and big brother, she’s truly a happy camper.

Word Press changed the program, they seem to be trying to force us to buy the upgraded version.  This is it for today, have a great weekend,  My web guy Nick reverted it back to the Word Press Classic version and I’m doing better.

Did you see the Steelers on Sunday?  Damn they sure can play football when they show up.  🙂

Have a great one,