Spring is finally here and not a moment too soon.  In celebration my Dorothy Wycoff Pieris is truly showing off:

Dorothy Wycoff Pieris

She’s been in the ground for years, but the last few she has certainly grown.  This is the best spring showing she’s ever done.

I found a cool place up in Wexford Salvaged Pittsburgh.  Sort of a Construction Junction, but they also bring in a fair amount of wood from a saw mill in Cranberry.

Two kids that survived the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas mass shooting have committed suicide in the last two weeks and a father whom lost his first grade son at Sandy Hook Elementary School committed suicide yesterday.  OK, it’s OK to think about steeling that  Maserati, but not OK to steal it.  Similarly it’s OK to contemplate suicide, but not OK to do it.  There is always help out there, it you don’t have a support network (or don’t want those people to know you have these kinds of thoughts), call the 24 hour national Suicide Hotline and talk to the professionals.  Currently the toll free number is 1-800-273-8255.  This is all about me, I can’t afford to loose a blog follower.  Just kidding, it’s all about you.  🙂 And parents, particularly of teenagers, need to have the hard conversation with them.  I think this is a much more important conversation than grades, alcohol, drugs and teenage sex.  Particularly if your kids seem well adjusted, sometimes these are the most at risk.  The reason I said the national Suicide Hotline is currently an 800 number there is movement in congress to establish a three digit  number like 911.

When I bought my inn, the previous owner had added a shower head to the pedestal tub in Allamanda.  The original subway tile didn’t go high enough to protect the plaster wall.  So I installed a shower curtain on three sides to protect the wall while keeping the water in the tub:

Allamanda shower curtain

That shower curtain was so ugly and I’ve been planning on adding ceramic tile above the original subway and bull-nose tile.  Just finished that and the bath is so much cleaner looking:

Allamanda new tile

If you are a Cher fan, she is performing at PPG Paints Arena April 2, I’m sure it will sell out so better hurry and get your tickets.  If you want to make a package of it, I still have rooms available.  Remember, with a 5 minute walk to the “T”, free “T” ride and then a 5 minute walk from the “T” to the arena.  No traffic to worry about, no parking fees, no worry about a DUI and a wonderful breakfast in the morning.  At 72, I don’t know how many more tours she will be up for, but she is always full of energy, she still puts on a great show.

This is it for today, I will be doing another blog very soon and make up on my opinions on current events  🙂  Enjoy the breaking of spring,