Tomorrow is the Berlin Airlift anniversary (19448), China’s Machua Day- the celebration of the expulsion of the Dutch in 1622, Jack Dempsey’s birth anniverary (11895), the 65th anniversary of a UFO siting in Mt Raineir (u figure the math 🙂 ). Mick Fleetwood’s birth anniverary (1942).

Kevin Sousa, of Salt of the Earth, Union Pig & Chicken and Station Street Hot Dogs is venturing into Braddock with his next venue.  He’s opening a fairly casual daytime eatery and more upscale in the evenings.  He’s also offering Braddock residents with up to 50% discount with ID.  He hopes to open Magarac (named after the imaginary steelworker fold hero Joe Magarac) sometime next year in the old Cuda’s Italian Market on Braddock Avenue.  This will be the first real restaurant in Braddock since UPMC closed it’s doors last year.  For a steel city themed restaurant, Kevin should visit my friend’s Blue Dust over in West Homestead on Amity Street, if he hasn’t already.  And he’s planning on moving there.  Mayor Fedderman must have really impressed the Sousa family.  🙂

The Frick in Point Breeze is hosting Three Centuries of Printmaking through September 2.  Normal business hours of10 am until 5 pm Tuesdays through Sundays and is included with the general admission.  Some of the pieces on display are from as far back as the 17th century and many of from the Frick’s private collection.  They exhibit various printmaking techniques and processes while framing the work chronologically withing the confines of art history.  One of the techniques is chromolithograph, invented in Germany, where they use a series of carefully registered stones and they must individually print for each color they required.  The two framed pictures in my front hallway uses a similar technique.  They depict festivals, wars, religious activities, social events all manor of activities. More info by calling 412.371.0600 or at their web site.

I love Puerto Rico.  Back in the sixties, they had some money to invest in their economy.  Instead of giving one of the largest companies in energy, Shell, $1.67B to build a plant that may or may not create worthwhile jobs, they decided to give out low cost loans and grants to small businesses to open lodging establishments around the island.  Last count I heard they had over 120 Paradors (guess where I got my name?).  🙂  After the housing crisis collapsed the US mainland housing market and folks weren’t buying second vacation homes, Puerto Rico was faced with a huge housing glut.  No, they didn’t bail out big banks, try and force big mortgagors to fairly foreclose on only properties that truly deserved to be foreclosed on.  Nope.  The passed legislation that anyone buying a new home does not have to pay capital gains taxes when the house is sold.  Transfer fees were reduced for existing houses and eliminated for new housing, benefiting both buyers and sellers.  For the first five years, the  buyer does not pay property taxes.  If it is purchased to be a rental unit, the rental income is tax free for ten years.  Guess what, they have practically eliminated their housing glut.

Cynthia Shaffer is running a art show at Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Swickely from June 30 through July 28.  There are twenty some pieces selected for the show and they all have to be make of natural items or images of nature.  In the Belly of the Beast is the center’s first wild animal themed show.  One of the pieces in the show by Cynthia is a picture of her mom’s crabby cat hissing with four toy army men super imposed in front that looks like they are dancing.  Pretty funny.  More info at her web site, Sweetwater’s site or by calling 412.741.4405.

72 outlet Eat’n Park’s opening a new restaurant concept.   The first Hello Bistro just opened in Oakland on Forbes.  You order at a counter when you enter and have seat.  Servers deliver your food to you and do normal wait staff stuff.  They are having an oversized salad bar that you can be served at with things like chicken and steak.  They are also serving beer and wine for the first time in a concept restaurant.  This first restaurant will be open 7 am until 10 pm daily.  They are continuing their “family friendly” theme with very affordable prices.  In case you aren’t aware, they don’t just do that 24 hour Denny’s kind of restaurant.  They also operate The Porch (the new restaurant in Schenley Plaza) and Six Penn Kitchen in the Cultural District.  I kind of like them, they put some honest effort in buying local and a lot of green efforts.

The Fein Art Gallery here on the Northside has a new exhibit by Jeff Outlaw, Making Silly Faces at Girls through July 27.  Jeff’s watercolors are whimsical and sometimes a bit grafic.  Obiviously a fun showing.  It is at 519 East Ohio Street.  More info at Jeff’s or Fein’s web sites or by calling 412.321.6816.

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