Tomorrow is Turkey’s Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim where 750 athletes swim across the Bosphorus Strait spanning Europe and Asia, it is Rembrant’s birth anniversary (1606), it is the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (1410 Poland and Luthuania joined forces to defeat the Knights of Teutonic) and the Battle of the Marne (1918 where the American, French and Italian forces stopped the forward progress of the Germans).

Next Saturday and Sunday (July 21 & 22) will be Pittsburgh’s Vintage Grand Prix.  Outside of Monte Carlo,  we are the only city that can lay claim to true vintage street racing.  We have been doing this for over thirty years.  This is an extremely unique race, in that it is run on actual city streets, not on purpose-built tracks are in racing venues.  For instance there’s “road crowning”, normal roads are higher in the center than on the sides to promote drainage can causes a real challenge for racers.  Then there’s the 22 turns on the course (three are almost 180 degrees), there are old stone walls along the edge in places, telephone poles (telepoles) :), recessed storm drainage grates and numerous other hazards to racing makes this all the more challenging.  Admission is free for spectators to the race and various car shows.  Saturday it runs from 8:30 am until about 6 and Sunday from 7 am until around 5.  More info at their web site.

Many of you have used the intersection of I70 and I 79 down in Washington County.  I remember when they first opened it and how wrong it was designed.  I don’t remember when, but a good while ago they redesigned parts of it and it was better, but there was still one hair pin turn (at least it seemed hair pin if you were traveling 65 mph).  🙂  Well they started fixing that last part last fall and the $35M project is slated to be completed in 2014.  It will now be four lanes, two traveling straight and two using the exit.

Border collies were bred and designed to herd sheep, labs were bred and designed for water retrieval, German shepherds were bred and designed for protection.  These wonderful human companions were created by us.  The whole group referred to a Pitt Bulls were bred and designed for aggression.  Yes, humans that have murdered have been rehabilitated or “seen the light” and deserve a second chance.  Just as pitt bulls, I guess.  I’m sorry, I’ve known people that have had them for years as pets and never had a problem.  But I’ve also know of these dogs that went rouge for no known reason and mauled children.  There is a very well meaning and dedicated group dedicated to rehabilitating pit bulls out in Cranberry called Hello Bully.  Cute name.  Founded in 2005 with 125 volunteers they are selling personalized bricks to help defray the cost of the shelter.  The bricks will be used to create a patio area at the shelter and the bricks run from $50 to $500, depending on the size.

Time has done what CEO’s and other company bigwigs have tried for years to accomplish.  🙂  Evelyn Y Davis, the famous corporate heckler has retired at the age of 82.  After years of flirting and fighting with corporate VIP’s and other shareholders, she’s decided to call it quits.  Quite the colorful lady, I hope she finds her retirement as fulling as her life had been to this point.

I went to Kathleen (Flaherty) Hall’s Grand Opening of her Red Bandana Winery yesterday.  It was wonderful seeing a good friend again and quite the shindig.  She had her state senator, two state representative, two county commissioners, a professor from Clairion State University and many other dignitaries.  What a cute facility they’ve built and such a perfect setting to showcase her wonderful artwork.

Above she’s cutting the ribbon and below is a wonderful Veranda which will become legendary (if I know Kathleen) for hosting events, wine tastings and art shows.

And this was a family affair.  Her mother, Carole made the chandeliers and lamps (she’s quite the accomplished stained glass artist herself.  Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the lights didn’t turn out.  I sampled the Chambourcin red wine, I was afraid it was going to be too sweet, but it was just right for me.

Kathleen is quite the accomplished artist.  In case you don’t know, she’s the one that did all the watermark murals on the first floor of my Inn.  If you want to see more of her artwork, visit her web site Flaherty Art.

Well, the sun has come out and I’m going to go out as well  🙂  Have a great weekend,








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