I had a guest ask where I get my mattresses, they are all from the Original Mattress Factory.  Even though they are a national company, I like that they make there mattresses here right up off Freeport Road, I’ve been to their factory.  More than that they make them locally, I like their construction and comfort.  I always get a semi-firm model and try to get one that you can flip over (I like to do that during spring cleaning).

I’m not totally crazy, although there are some that would disagree with that.  🙂  A couple of blogs ago, I spoke about Kevin Saftner one of the owners of the former James Street Gastropub was starting a new venue on the Southside and I couldn’t remember the name, well that’s because at the time they didn’t have a name.  It’s Karma in the old nuisance bar on Carson Devils and Dolls.  They will have two music venue rooms one for 200 and the other will be able to hold up to 350.  Jason’s the marketing director for the venue, I wonder if Lisa his former partner at James Street will be there as well. They are shooting for as much local talent as possible.  They don’t want to be known for one genre of music.  They are planning on jazz on Sundays, karaoke on Mondays, open stage on Tuesdays, funk & soul on Wednesdays, DJs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Fridays and Saturdays the DJs will be supplementing live acts booked.

Not much time left to get your 15 minutes of fame.  Kraft Heinz Company is seeking photos & videos to include in their pre-Super Bowl advertisements.  Follow this link to ad your contribution to their ad.

You know the big Equifax breach last summer?  Equifax had been aware of the breach for months before disclosing it.  They initially offered free credit monitoring for those affected, through pressure from many angles including many state AG’s offices they extended the free monitoring to all.  You had to sign up by 1/31/18 to qualify.  Many AG’s are seeking an extension until June 2018, this may or may not happen.   You could go to Equifax’s website to check to see if your information had been compromised.  Mine was.  I’m assuming that was the problem I had with Ticket Master claiming I ran up almost $1,000 on their site, luckily my credit card company USAA is stellar, noticed an unusual transaction on my card and sent me an alert.  I disputed the charge and Ticket Master’s response was I agreed to their terms and conditions when I signed up with them and they insisted that the charge was legitimate.  I pointed out to USAA I never had a Ticket Master account and when I went to their website & typed in my email (how they locate your account), nothing came up.  So how could I agree to their terms and conditions if I never opened an account?

I don’t normally talk about the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, but this exhibit I would like to see Emigration-Immigration-Migration sounds pretty interesting.  At this divisive time in our history I think we should embrace our roots, we are all immigrants of one sort or another.  When our ancestors came here, they were segregated and delegated to the jobs the current “Americans” didn’t want.  If we were not subjected to this, our fore bearers were.  It breaks my heart when I see updates on those poor Bhutanese immigrants that were renting from that slum lord/drug addict in Carrick had to endure.  Raw sewage in the basement, drinking water from an old hose attached to an outside faucet.  When I was Executive Steward (chief Dishwasher) at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, most of my staff was of Spanish decent and I dealt with a lot of new immigrants.  I forced our HR department to start offering English as a second language classes among other things.  Spanish come from a culture similar to ours, but I can’t imagine the culture shock of the Bhutanese.  The collection of photographs start in black and white and evolve into color.  They also show how relatively recent immigrants tried to assimilate with images of like the Hungarian Club, the Slovak Club many of which can still be seen today in the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh Playhouse is closing down in Oakland and moving to it’s new digs Downtown this coming June.  The original playhouse was the old German Club in Oakland, Richard Rauth bought it for his famous actress wife Helen Wayne.  He later bought an adjacent house that became the lobby and offices upstairs.  Later they acquired the Tree of Life synagogue next door and added it to the frey.  So between the three buildings and different upgrades and improvements it became quite the labyrinth and to add to this, none of the buildings were built for performances.  Point State Park University has owned the Playhouse for a number of years and to move the playhouse into a new facility designed specifically for performances must be extremely exciting for them.  The location is where the Honus Wagner sports shop used to be on 4th Avenue for those of you familiar with Downtown.  They tore down several buildings for the new space and a couple of them were fairly iconic.  The city historic review gave PSPU permission to demolish those buildings based on their promise to reuse some of the architecturals on the inside and outside of the building.  The last time I walked past it was still the rough construction, no finishing details were in place.

The ice skating rink at South Park has finished their renovations.  It’s been closed for awhile and they replaced Olympic sized rink and Junior rink with a National Hockey League sized rink.   They installed new chillers to keep the ice hard, bleachers and scoreboard for events.  It looks like they are planning on holding more events there.  They used to have to close the rink to the public when they held events.  Fret no more, you cold weather enthusiasts they added “forest skating”  which is a big thing in Canada.  And the forest skating area will be open to the public while the event goes on.  The forest rink is oval shaped with a center island with trees, bushes and other vegetation so you feel like you are skating on a pond.  Kind of nice instead of just going around in circles.

Watch out Dee, you may be replaced.  Da gerl let me paint her nails yesterday, you no longer have a monopoly.  🙂  She did say she liked your technique better than mine:

She continues to improve.  She goes with me and her big brother for the long walk at 5:30 each morning and is showing no negative results, ie no limping afterwards.  You Go Gerl!

That’s it for now,