Tomorrow is national ten-four day for CBers (get it October 4) 🙂 , it’s Buster Keaton’s birth anniversary (1895), Lesotho Independence from Britain (1966) formerly known as Basutoland, the squared jawed Dick Tracy comic premiered (1931) and Rutherford Hayes birth anniversary (1822)- the 19th President of the US.

Generally speaking, I write my blog over several days.  I find something interesting and write about it.  When I think there’s enough, I publish it.  Generally, the order you find things is the order I’ve found them.  This is the last item and I had to put it on the top.  Ravenstahl is REJECTING Alco’s offer of $10 MILLION over the Steelers & Pirates offer of $1 MILLION.  Does anyone else in this cash strapped city see a problem here.  Alco also offered $3 MILLION for another parcel the Steelers & Pirates have an option on for $600,000. I am so insesnsed that I will be writing my first ever letters to the editor for both the Trib and Post Gazette.  I am also writing everyone on the SEC Board.  I certainly hope the people in this city raise enough of a ruckus that shakes things up.  This is after the Steelers & Pirates “stole” the parking lot where they built AE Amphitheater for a fraction of what was the other offer last year.  None of the Board Members have direct e-mail that’s published, if you want to write them, you’ll have to use the SEA’s general box office info@pgh-sea.com.  What I am going to do is write a letter and put each of the Board Members Name’s in the subject line.  The lady that answered the phone at the SEA said they would forward the e-mails to them.  If you want to rant to any of the Board Members over the phone, here’s their phone numbers:  Mary Conturo, the SEA’s phone number is 412.393.0200.  Darlene Harris, President of City Council’s phone number is 412.255.2129.  Senator Wayne Fontana’s phone number is 412.344.2551.  William Curtis is head pastor at Mt Ararat Baptist Church, his phone number is 412.441.1800.  Senator Sean Logan’s phone number is 412.664.5200.  Doctor Edie Shipira’s phone number is 412.363.6222.  Anthony Ross, from Ross Development Company’s phone number is 412.661.2500.  Michael Dunleavy from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers phone number is 412.432.1400.  And not to forget Mayor Ravenstahl’s phone number is 412.255.2626.  I encourage all to at least call these people, preferably send them an e-mail and/or snail mail letter.  We can’t let this happen again.

On a cute note, do you know what they call new people at Google?  Their Newglers.  Do you know what they call new employees at U Tube?  Nutubers.  I’m not making this up.  🙂

The Pennsylvania Resources Council are offering composting classes this Thursday at the Shaler Library, October 12 at the CCI Center in the Southside, October 18 (their headquarters) at Whole Foods in East Liberty, October 26 at the Mt Lebanon Library, November 1 at the East End Food Co-Op in Point Breeze and November 5 at Blueberry Hill Park in Franklin Park.  The fee of $50 per person ($55 per couple) includes a bin.  Info at 412.488.7490 or at their web site.

Arrested Development, the critically acclaimed TV show, is planning on coming back to TV and they plan to start filming next summer, so it’s not right around the corner.  They are also working on a movie deal, but want to get the TV show back up and running to get you caught up on what they’ve been up to the last five years.

They finally finished the Eliza Furnace Rail Trail bridge over Bates Street.  The trail is no longer detoured and Second Avenue no longer has lane restrictions.  They even added a fifth turning lane coming out of Oakland.  That should help with the congestion at rush hour.  I was down that way today and they have all the bras hanging from the pedestrian side of the Hot Metal Bridge for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It’s pretty funny, there’s hundreds, maybe a thousand bras over there.  🙂

Cirque du Soleil is presenting Quidam at the Peterson Event Center October 12 through October 16 (3719 Terrace Street, Oakland).  Starring in the role of Papa is Pittsburgh’s own Patrick McGuire (actually he’s from Franklin Park).  He plays a juggling father that sits removed from his daughter in her real an imagined world.  He’s mastered that art of juggling since it first piqued his interest when he was 16. More info can be had by calling 800.745.3000 or visiting their web site.

The South Hills Food Bank is begging for donations, most needed are cereal, canned tuna, pasta sauce, macaroni & cheese and prepackaged side dishes.  Executive Director Jim Guffey said they have the lowest inventories since he started there five years ago.  The problem is a combined more people in need of help and a drop in donations due to the economy.  For donations, you can contact Kate Snyder at 412.854.9120 or e-mail her at ksnyder@shimcenter.org.

The annual Sewickley Fall Gallery Walk is this weekend.  Sweetwater Center for the Arts, 200 Broad Street, is presenting Stacks, an exhibit o collage works by Pittsburgh artist Romare Bearden.  The House of Two Sisters, 432 Beaver Street, will feature oil paintings by Claire Hardy.  The Sewickley Galler and Frame Shop, 549 Beaver Street, will be showing photographs taken over two and a half years of temporary memorials at Shanksville.  Pastel artist Harry Demel will be creating portraits at International Images, 514 Beaver Street.  Finally, at Elan Fine Art Gallery, 427 Broad Street, WOOD is being exhibited.  This will be featuring furniture, functional objects and sculptural objects made of large fallen trees, logs and finely milled cut slabs.  Hours and more info at their web site.

Well, that’s it for today, I think I’m going to have a beer and calm down about the City loosing $12 MILLION because they want to favor the sports teams that seem to own this city,


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