Merry Christmas to you all,

OK, I’m a bit of a politically correct individual, I never say Merry Christmas during December, I always use Happy Holidays.  I like to be as inclusive as I can.  I do say Merry Christmas on December 25

Coming up to all holidays, I reflect a bit on life.  We are a fortunate people.  Taking da kidz for their morning walk at 5:30 (yes, da gerl does not recognize holidays and I am not allowed to sleep in).   As usual when we got to Western and Galveston to cross over to the park, even though we had the green light, I looked both ways before be safe and cautious of distracted or stupid drivers not paying attention, not that I felt threaten by someone deliberately trying to hurt us.  Generally we are a law abiding society, not like some areas of the world where someone would deliberately try and kill us because who we are, where we are from or what we believe.  With all this “government over reach”, we don’t have ferries sinking killing hundreds of people or train derailments also killing hundreds of people.  We did create the Boeing Max that killed hundreds of people through corporate greed (all is not perfect and we have lots to do but generally speaking we are a great place to live).

Again America is a great place filled with great and caring people in case you haven’t heard the story about forty plus neighbors learning sign language so they could communicate with this little girl born deaf, the girl asked her parents why no one liked her because they never “talk” to her.  So the neighbors pitched in hired a signing expert and learned sign so they could communicate with her.  It’s little stories like this that show what a wonderful country we live in and and how great and compassionate our people are.  And there’s the two mayors in Utah (a very Republican and conservative state) pitched in to welcome immigrants.

Traditional tree parlor

Again Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year,


  • Merry Christmas Ed! I hope you had a great one!! Sorry I didn’t mention the awesome Camilla Cabela’s music in the review, but Ashley was watching! Lol Have a happy new Year!!

    • Hi Orven and Ashley, I’m sorry I haven’t been in my Word Press Admin page is a few weeks. This is funny, every time I listen to Camilla I think of you. You are the first one to know her and I love that album. My Christmas was great and I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year. Thanx for thinking of me, da kidz also say Hi.

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