Next Saturday is Independent book stores day April 27.  Be sure to go out and support your locally owned book store, I can’t resist the impulse to put a plug in for my friend Arlen at City Books right down the street at City Books.  Arlen received recognition from the chalk board association for her use of the a-frame chalk board she has outside her shop.

Sometimes DJT does something I just can’t ignore.  President Trump said on Friday that his administration was “strongly” considering releasing migrants detained at the border into mostly Democratic “sanctuary cities,” suggesting that the idea should make liberals “very happy” because of their immigration policies.  It reminds me of a neighbor that threatened to take his house of the Christmas House Tour if my advocates continued pushing the neighborhood association donate to the food pantry.  Again it reminds me of the story of the little boy that didn’t get his way and then was going to take his ball and go home.  Oh, just Grow Up People.  🙂

I’ve whined about how the OTAs (online travel agencies like Trivago, Expedia, etc) charging us lodging establishments a 15% commission and recently learned of something so much worst.    Colleen Black, the artist that created the painting in my Ruellia suite with the ghost of a humming bird.  Here’s the painting during the day with the ghost invisible:

Colleen Black

Here it is at night with the ghost visible:

Most artists have an agent the covers their art, her’s seems to be talking about wanting a 70% commission and I thought 15% was steep.

Celine Dione is going to perform at PPG Arena next March 13, be sure to book your room at The Parador Inn for the concert I have less guest rooms than they have seats.  🙂

Oh, one more thing, great daffodil season this year:

This is it for today, be thankful you don’t live int he Midwest, we just got some showers, no blizzards, I would have gone off the deep end.  🙂