Last year when the cypress tree was knocked down by wind the Hays eagles built a new nest in a near by tree. New webcams were installed with new HD cameras and it is so much clearer now.  Momma last her first egg late last week and a third one Monday.  They’re saying there may be a fourth one.  Speaking of nests, they build nest around 6 feet by 8 feet that weigh up to a ton.  Girl eagles are larger than boy eagles.  Eagles reach maturity around 4 -5 years old and that’s when they get the white feathers on their head.

I think I’m going to hear a bit on this opinion, Hoda Muthana left America (she was living in Alabama) to become an ISIS wife (whether she is a bona fide American citizen is currently debatable).  She now wants to come back to America, I guess living for five years with those animals (ISIS) and their disregard for common decency not to mention starvation has her rethinking her choice in life.  As if that is not enough she tweeted this “Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping!” she once wrote, according to The Guardian. “Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them.” in 2015.  Her attorney says she’s an American citizen and the government can not deny her re-entry. If her attorney wants to push this, I suggest the US take action to revoke her citizenship permanently,like UK did to Shamima Begum, as similar story, she now wants to return to England.  England is revoking her citizenship to keep her out.  My suggestion to both women is to find someway to redeem themselves by working with orphaned children ISIS fighters  orphaned and/or finding how to help wounded civilians and military veterans that ISIS maimed.  I’m not saying never let them return, I’m saying because it’s cold and food’s scarce it’s easy to say I’m sorry.  Lets wait some time and see if they do have a heart and soul and can redeem selves.

While I’m talking about forgiveness, I think we are overly obsessive with correct behavior.  Digging into the past for past wrongs should have a limit.  The governor of Virginia  Ralph Northam admits that when he was in college he posed for a photo in black face. That was thirty years ago, what has he done since should be the questions asked.  David Duke was and is an evil human.  Mark Wahlberg was a rapper in his teenage years and made many homophobic comments.  He has since learned and seems to be very inclusive in his life, and other than a comment like mine, it’s buried in the past as past indiscretions should.  Anthony Weiner is another one that should not be forgiven.  His sexting and pornographic texts to minors cost him his wife and seat in Congress and he still kept it up.

I got the chandelier back from Francis Norwalk the day I returned from Florida.  He was upset the last time it was rebuilt they used plastic washers instead of the traditional metal washers and said a half dozen reasons why it should be metal and not plastic.  Here it is before he worked on it:

Waterford crystal chandelier

And here it is rewired and the inside of the center core cleaned look how it sparkles:

repaired Waterford

One of the reasons for the delay on this post is I’ve been watching DJT and his power grab trying to take the legislature’s power over the purse strings by declaring a made up national emergency (talk about fake news?)  🙂  I’ve been laying low about my opinions on him for a bit.  I hate America looking the fool  for his asinine comments (like during the election he said he knows more about ISIS than the generals do and most recently when he took Putin’s word that N Korea was denuclearizing over the CIA’s assessment).  But with our checks and balances, he probably will not be getting away with this power grab.  Have I told you before how much I adore our founding fathers?  I still think they were aliens.  In my mind during this power grab I kept thinking of the Nazi’s and how they pull similar tricks taking over the country from the normal and humane Germans that were around then.  I am still concerned about what that nut case my do if and when he gets backed into a corner.  My biggest fear is that he might declare another national emergency and suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.  Of course the Democrats are fighting the first “national emergency” and even some Republicans are breaking ranks.  Personally, I am confident that the military would not follow him.

OK to end on a happier note, here’s my treasure from Florida.  I feel like I am showing you me in my underwear (just a figure of speech).  🙂  He is currently in my basement and so the pictures show him in my rough basement (kind of like me in my underwear).  Here’s my parrot :

Mexican parrot

In this picture, he doesn’t look as big as he does from the back so here’s another picture of him:

back view parrot

Well that’s about it, I was lucky this weekend, I lost my Internet and DirecTV only.  Be good and be happy,