Today’s the birth anniversary of Benedict Arnold, Albert Schweitzer and Richard Outcault.  Richard Outcault was asked by the New York World’s Sunday editor to submit drawings for use with their new color printing process in January 12, 1863.  He went on to start the first “Sunday Funnies”, “Hogan’s Alley”.

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery removed “A Fire in My Belly” a film by David Wojnarowicz from the exhibit Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture because it was too controversial.  The film is being shown at both the Mattress Factory and the Warhol through February 13, the date it was to run through at the Smithsonian.

I keep getting these “comments” to my blog and they all seem to follow this format:

Kids room decor…

Thank you for this excellent write-up. I am usually searching for Kids room ideas to recommend in order to my own, personal readers. It is just what I was looking out for….

I haven’t said anything about “Kids room decor…” in any of my blogs and there’s always the “…” at the end of the narrative with nothing that follows.  I get spam through my Guest Comments Page on my web site, they’re always Viagra, other drugs, gambling opportunities, etc with hyperlinks.  I assume the hyperlinks take you to a bad place.  These comments don’t really have hyperlinks, other than the one that would take you back to originator.  I guess there’s some things in life I’ll never know.  🙂

Chatham University has always been this quiet girls school out in the Oakland/Shadyside area of Pittsburgh.  It’s been around forever, one of the alumni is Rachael Carson, which is appropriate for what’s to follow.  Chatham was given the 388 acre Richland farm, about twenty miles north of the City.  About 100 years ago, a HJ Heinz executive created Eden Hall on the property as a retreat for women that worked for Heinz.  Chatham plans on making the entire new campus environmentally sustainable.  Most colleges and universities have a sustainable building or area, but I believe this will be the first entire campus being designed from the ground up as being sustainable.  I’m impressed.

That friend that’s opening The Stone Manse out by Harrisburg saw a bald eagle outside her Inn today.  How cool is that.  What do I have, a family of vary large crows that have moved into the neighborhood.  Darn they’re big, I’d be nervous in a dark alley with one or two of them.  🙂

Well, that’s about it for today, Go Steelers,


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