I know I have not be very good at keeping this up, would you all get off my case?  🙂  Two things I’ve tried to focus on was current things to do around the city and with both papers no longer publishing daily editions (their on line editions do not cover the city as the paper editions did.  And the other thing I liked to weigh in on was politics.  I have to keep my distance from our commander in tweet.

I went to the PABBI conference last week in State College, it was a lot of fun and learning.  As usual there was a little over 100 attendees and I got to see and get caught up with many I know.  (You’ve heard of the Anti Christ, well I’m the Anti Technology-evil swirls around me as I walk through cyberspace)  This is pretty scary, I’m going to open an Instagram account.

PABBI Conference

But back to the conference, as usual I went up a day early to visit my friends that still live up there Tony & Sue.  (Tony is the friend that christened me Special Ed while we were touring in Costa Rica-and I am now christening him Crazy Tony)  Tony has made all the wood furniture in their house.   After making all that furniture and some for their daughters his new passion is flutes.  He has wood working tools that are accurate to 1/1,000 of an inch.  He is not a musician, it is just something that appealed to him and decided he wanted to make them.  He gets these exotic woods cuts them down to an predetermined size  and then makes the flute in half then glues them together.  See how the inlay is even on the inside.  These are all works of art:

1 Flute

He took me into his wood shop and was showing me the processes he uses and I thought my head was going to explode

He also made and gifted this coffee table to me:

Coffee table

A gentleman was employed by a small cabinet manufacturer in Centre County (where Penn State’s located and Tony & Sue live) was going out of business not only was he looking at unemployment, he was looking at all his skilled co-workers that were soon going to be looking at unemployment so he decided to create Good People Cabinets, or more succinctly GP Cabinets is where he bought his llc.  It’s pretty amazing story and place.

If you are looking for a magazine to subscribe to may I suggest Pennsylvania Magazine?  I’ve seen it around, it has a lot of good articles like a recent one on Byers Family Carolers, a family owned business that  Mrs. Byers had a hobby of making these Victorian caroler figurines and they became so popular with friends and relatives that she eventually started making them for sale.  Each one is hand made and unique.  So they now have a factory cranking them out.  In addition to the great articles in PA Magazine, they have the best nature pictures around.

Remember PPG Paints Arena is just a free short hop from my Inn The Parador Inn on the “T” and it’s free, if you are planning on going to a Pens game or maybe the Trans Siberian Orchestra December 22.

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