Short blog, my second story is the main reason for this quick post.  i mentioned my work on Lady Palms bathroom.  I refinished the floor and since I’m still slow decided to to strip the door again I’ve spoken of this.  Here’s the door before I started:

Lady Palm bathroom door before stripping

I looked OK, but you can’t see it there was all kinds of blue paint splatter all over the door from the previous owner.  So I decided to strip the door and here it is stripped:

Lady Palm bathroom door stripped

I had to quit until next week, the door is stripped, I need to alternate between sanding and using stripping chemicals.  My next step needs to be chemical and the room is sold this weekend.  I can get the dust from sanding out with just a bit of work.  But the odor from the chemicals I can’t control.  So to make sure the room doesn’t reek Thursday night when they arrive, I last used chemicals Sunday and have a fan in the bathroom window to draw out the odors.  I just have a little work to do with chemicals on the bottom four panels.  I hope to complete that Sunday after the guests check out.  Then Monday through Wednesday apply the sanding sealer, stain then Polyurethane.

So here’s the main reason for this post, I want to give a big shout out to Bread Works.  I use their Challah for my caramel French toast (actually Challah is Jewish egg bread that’s made with kosher requirements-since the egg bread is not made with a mashgiach on site, they call it egg twist-but the same recipe).  When I worked at the William Penn hotel, Downtown they had the largest Kosher kitchen in the city.  So we did a lot of Kosher events there.  I worked with the mashgiach a lot and learned a lot about Kosher law and what the logic was behind  it, that was very interesting.  When I call Bread Works to order my bread, Kim told me they had discontinued the bread because of the Covid19.   I expressed my disappointment and Kim asked what I used it for and she recommended that she felt I could use their French bread.  I told her I would try it.  She called me about an hour later and told me she had spoken to their head baker and he agreed to make two loaves just for me!  Speak about customer service!

And finally, I have tripled my Instagram followers, I’m up to THREE!  If you would like to follow me on Instagram, I’m theparadorinn.

Thanx, be safe and be healthy and be a follower of me on Instagram, 🙂




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