It was Betty’s, my mom’s, 90th birthday last Monday, so we threw her a birthday party at The Parador.  I was in a panic, I had rented a short bus and there’s over a hundred residents in the building.  The bus could only seat 25 people.  As it turns out about 20 signed the sign up sheet so we had plenty of room.  Joann the manager called be and asked if the bus could handle wheel chairs.  I contacted Kathleen my contact at Pittsburgh Transportation and she said the bus reserved could not handle wheel chairs and she would see if one was available and she promptly called me back and found one.  Rick, the driver was extremely polite and sensitive to the frailty of his cargo and couldn’t assist the riders more or kinder.  And some of them were a bit of a challenge.  Here’s the bus leaving with the lunch ladies:

The ladies were extremely thankful for their little field trip to my Inn.  We had lunch ready of chicken wraps, potato salad, sliced fruit and vegetable sticks with lemonade and iced tea.  We had all these elderly ladies in the dining room and then with the help of my nephew Joseph, his son, my other nephew Michael’s son Nicolas, my sister Sue, my cuz Jeannie we ended up plating and serving from the buffet I had set up.  (It was better option that relying on these elders navigating the buffet and then carrying their plates to their table).  It worked so smoothly.  We then sang Happy Birthday and Betty blew out the candles.  There’s a video on my Fb page and one on The Parador’s if you’d like to see it.  Betty was so cute.

Here’s a group picture of many of the ladies:

It was such a cute event and the ladies couldn’t have been more thankful.  Possibly more than seeing Betty have such a good time, it was a real pleasure seeing the happiness of the ladies getting out of the apartment building and even getting a lunch.  I’m now a celebrity whenever I go over to the building.  🙂


  • Diane and Steve |

    Dear Ed, Dee, RJ and Rayzette,
    Thank you for your hospitality during our recent stay. We had an enjoyable time for our first trip to Pittsburgh. Love that the Parador Inn is close to downtown area. Hope to be back again soon. Diane and Steve

    • Hi Diane & Steve, It was our pleasure hosting you first visit to The Parador and Pittsburgh. The only thing better than meeting new people and hosting a visit is seeing them again an hosting another visit. Thanx,

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