Citiparks will be showing the movie Jungle Book in Brookline this evening, Lawrenceville Friday and Mt Washington Saturday.  Visit Citiparks for showtimes, details and a complete list of movies being offered this summer.

The Antrocon is back starting today for their sixth convention at DL Lawrence CC for four days.  The furries will be seen throughout the city.  In case you are not aware, furries dress up as their favorite creature, real or imaginary.  They go from just donning ears and nose to full body suites.  I can’t imagine that, my closest experience to this was when I worked at the Wm Penn and was volunteered to dress as Barney for our Easter Brunch one year.  Holy cow as that hot.  If you are interested in attending, tickets can be found on line for $30 for a one day pass $60 for all four days and upwards for VIP tickets.

Our friends to the north, Canada is celebrating their 150 year birthday Saturday.  Why can’t all countries get along as Canada and the USA?  Over the years, we have had our differences, but it boils down to respect for each other and being civil.  It also helps that we have similar beliefs and economic opportunities.  Happy Birthday Canada.

The city is finally getting rid of “the moat” here on the Northside.  The moat is that obnoxious highway around the former Allegheny Center Mall that is neither vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian friendly.  They are removing all but one of the stupid traffic signals that are not timed so you can travel at the speed limit and casually make it around the former mall without repeatedly stopping at traffic signals.  To add insult to injury they have those “no turn on red signs”, so even at 2 am, you have to sit there.  They are making in two way, one lane in each direction with bike lanes, bump outs for safer pedestrian crossings and additional parking.  I give Farros credit for someone finally enlightening the city to the absurdity of those old traffic patterns.  People complain about all the “outside” money buying up Pittsburgh, I’m not one of those.  Farros bought the old high rise apartments in the mall complex several years ago and took it from 40 -45% occupancy to 100% with a wait list.    They were so impressed with their success and the potential in Pittsburgh, they bought the old mall and are turning it into a high tech Nova Place.

It seems what I have referred to as the Evil Empire Buncher Corp the developers invested in the Strip that wanted to tear down 1/3 of the Terminal Building for easy access to their new boring development along the Allegheny.  They insisted that was the only way to make their investment work, to hell with what the citizens here wanted and they got outright rude in their campaign. (I guess they read my blog, because they have kept a very low profile since losing the law suite and got tired of me referring to them as The Evil Empire.)   Lamar advertising is my new Evil Empire trying to force their money making endeavors down our throats.  They purchased the “non confirming” Bayer sign on Mt Washington and wanted to replace it with an even more non confirming LED digital sign.  I guess they taught us something about mature responses to a disagreement.  When the city refused to go along with the new sign, they put that ugly yellow vinyl Sprint Banner over it and refused to take it down.  Maybe they think we have the memory of a Labrador Retriever and forget the trouble they got in for bribing past city employees, we miss all your headlines Lukie.  🙂

When I’m retiring for the evening, I usually turn the TV on as I answer emails, etc.  Usually it’s PBS Nova, NatGeo, animal planet that’s mainly back ground noise.  I never have prime time serials on, I really find them mentally offensive. One I watched when it came out was Downward Dog.  I thought it was cute (and filmed in Pittsburgh) and after just one episode this year, they cancelled it.

There’s biking tennis, gold, soft ball and many other forms of recreational exercise one can do. There’s a new one in Jeannette competitive indoor axe throwing at Valhalla Indoor Axe.  They have 2-3# axes and 1-2# axes for you weenies.  🙂

NatGeo is starting Earth Live next month and Pittsburgh’s going to have a place in it.  I love the eagle cams, but it seems they are more interested in deer & raccoons.

City Council will be taking up the issue of whether to become a “Sanctuary City” in the next couple of weeks.  Arlen, my friend that owns City Books right down on Galveston and gives my guests 10% off had a sign up a couple weeks ago saying Sanctuary Books, I stopped in and told her to be careful she might loose her federal funding.  She gave me a blank look for 30 seconds before she got my joke.  🙂

Da kidz got in trouble yesterday, the baby robins left their nest and were hopping around and anytime da kidz curiosity got too much mom (or maybe it was dad) squawked at them.  If they go too close, a team of robins would start swooping.

Big weekend, not so much for the fourth, but Catherine & Greg are getting married and their guests have just about the entire house, most are in for three days, Sunil booked three rooms for 5 days.  We had Open Streets this past Sunday, so for Open Streets I had an Open House.  I only offered it from 11 am (after breakfast) until 1 pm.  Lots of people came through, I had to refill the brochure box by my front door.  A group of about 8 came in together and as I was showing around, one of them said “Hi Ed, I’m Catherine”, I didn’t put two and two together and she explained who she is.  I hollered at her, told her she needs to chill (she was fine, I was just talking about how some brides get all stressed out at their weddings, the photographer forgot a lens, the florist is late, etc).  I told her everything works out in the end and not to stress.  She said she won’t her and Greg turn it all over to her wedding planner at this point.  She’s done.  🙂

Well, that’s it for today, have  a great and happy Fourth of July,