I spoke with friends of mine in State College and they hollered at me for not blogging.  I assured them I would soon.  So here it is.

Covid19, personally I’m not concerned.  I’m lucky to have an amazing body. (Don’t even go there 😊).  I seldom get sick; I must be careful because I do pick up the virus during flu season but don’t get much of the symptoms and I need to be aware of this to avoid contaminating others.    The last time I was sick enough to put me in bed was when I first moved to Florida in 1995.  That spring, the different pollen and things in the air laid me flat, I ended up going to the doctor thinking I had something seriously wrong with me.  I always get the sniffles with the changing of seasons, but that’s about it.  If I was to get the convid19, I’m sure it would be just a cold.  Again, I need to be aware of this so in case I pick up covid19 and unintentionally spread it.

The economy, I was sitting pretty before the world shut down.  I’m typically squirrely over the winter.  It’s my slowest months with my largest bills.  I was fortunate with minimal expenses (between the warmer weather and my 100+ new windows my heating bills have been very low compared to what I’d been paying).  I’ve still had my first installment of both my city property taxes and property insurance, Both I’d been able to cover with cash I’ve squirreled away from early winters.  I haven’t had any unexpected big expenses.  And then we had the Kenny Chesney concert which of course I sold out and while I was in Florida the Stones announced their June concert and I sold out for that as well.  I was pretty well set.   Then that idiot in Washington said the covid19 was no big deal and refused to do anything when it actually started hitting we don’t have enough protective gear for out front line medical professionals and there’s no vaccine even close or other approved treatments.  Then once again the governors and mayors are taking the actions he should have taken before corona infects most of country.  To take the test a person has to exhibit the symptoms and have a referral from their physician.  When America explodes in a panic Australia already had the test available to anyone that wants it and they don’t have the number of cases we have and much of Europe because Australian their leaders took prompt action and kept it contained.  Then the pandemic hit here and all hell broke loose.  All my current reservations canceled for the short term which I expected and was prepared for.  Then the Stones canceled and all those deposits really depleted my piggy bank, I still have a comfortable amount squirreled away, if the country still doesn’t come free relatively soon, I also have my business line of credit that will carry me through unless President Idiot does something else incredibly stupid.

Again, with the warm winter, my gardens are getting a head start. Particularly the daffodils, they are starting to bloom already.

courtyard garden

I always have 4 or 5 large tubs of compost.  I can’t put it down until I’m ready to cover it with the mulch.  [Funny gerl story, she’s obsessive about eating-it’s a constant battle keeping her from being as round as she is tall.   I keep track of where I placed the compost so new areas get the food each year.  Two years ago, I had the tubs of compost where I wanted them.  The mulch truck was running a bit late, I had the wheelbarrow, shovel in the parking lot and the rake in the courtyard ready to spread the mulch.  I heard the truck backing into my parking lot and I dumped the compost where I wanted it and went out to get my first load of mulch to cover the compost.  When I came back into the courtyard da gerl was eating the mulch.  I chased her and covered the compost with mulch.  Now she “knows” there’s something “tasty” under the mulch. (just between you and me, what could possibly be “tasty about compost?)   So, all spring I was finding the mulch pushed aside so she could eat the compost.  Surprising it never affected her digestion.) 😊  I always get playground mulch; it usually arrives later than the other mulches.  It was in early this year and I was able to put it down last week.  This is one of the few reasons I like all these lawsuits, I prefer playground mulch because I think it’s probably the cleanest-least chemically enhanced.  If it’s for kids to play on, I would think the manufacturer would be a bit cautious about adding cancer or other ailments causing dyes and preservatives.  Another month before I can put in the elephant ears.  If I get brave enough within the next couple of days, I want to clean out and fire up the water feature, I love the sound of it.  But the water is so cold emptying it out then cleaning it out and refilling it.  OK, call me a sissy.  😊

courtyard pond

If you haven’t heard, some developer bought Wholey’s old icehouse and plan to tear it down and build a 26-story glass office tower.  First of all, 26 stories have to be at least four times higher than anything in the strip and all glass fits with Downtown, not the strip. Cheap SOBs want to build a “Downtown” building in the relatively cheap strip real estate prices.  Yo cheapskate, if you want a big Downtown building put it Downtown then pay the Downtown real estate price.  Looks like they’ve lost this battle.  Now that they own it, I wonder what the next rendition will be.

Also, speaking of Downtown development, if you haven’t been around or heard, they are well underway with the 579 cap project, that’s where they are planning on putting roof over how 579 to the Veterans bridge that separates the lower hill from Downtown and plant parks on top connecting the two.  I think that’s another 2 years from completion.  Also, they signed Live Nation to build an indoor/outdoor music venue by the new arena practically right where the old “igloo” was.  It will be a 90,000 square foot development-Stage AE by the way is about 8,000 square feet.    This development will include commercial and retail and is being built on top of and 850 spot garage.  This near the planned 24 story tall First National Bank’s new headquarters that will headquarter 1st National and other businesses.

I have several friends that work in the film industry here,  I was speaking with Smith at a local watering hole and he mentioned Sony was having trouble finding large antiques for a set he was working on and I thought of the two armories in the ballroom and that buffet.  Three pretty impressive pieces..Since i use the ballroom so seldom in the winter, thought he only wanted them for about a month and for $1,500 in February I thought “What the hell?”  That helped my winter piggy bank.  🙂

For what it’s worth, it won’t be two and half months before i chat again.  Part of my trouble is I don’t like being Mr. Negative and with that idiot in Washington, current events across the globe he’s got his idiot fingers in and I can’t say anything positive.  Hopefully America wises up this November and this nightmare will be over.

Enjoy this change in weather and keep safe,




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