The Pittsburgh Festival of Lights starts this Friday at dusk in the Cultural District.  Ross Ashton will be back with four displays, one Old Bones a tribute to the Carnegie Natural History is basically a T Rex light, Splendors is a take off of the exhibit at the Heinz History Museum with relics from the Vatican called “Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art”.  Also, Cascade and Hope are done by Ashton.  There’s going to be a number of local light displays throughout the Cultural District, they are even changing some regular lighting in the District and some local light artists will be having some displays.  Ashton was here last year and had some pretty stunning light sculptures.

Speaking of lights, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (kind of like a Chamber of Commerce) started our Light up Night a number of years ago.  They had the name copyrighted and have been charging other cities (cities right outside the official city limits) a hundred dollar fee to use the name.  They came under quite a bit of local criticism for this.  It was just in the paper that they are donating proceeds to Project Bundle Up with a matching contribution.  How do you say Egg on your Face?

The County has been trying to find a new life for the old County Fair Grounds in South Park.  The County has a number of very cool parks with wave pools, bison habitat, and lots of spaces for family reunions, graduation, anniversary, birthday and any other events parties.  When I was young, they held county fairs there each summer and I have a lot of fond memories of them.  They were very agricultural and even though I lived in the country, I wasn’t overly familiar with cows and things.  The county is looking for feedback as to what can be done with the old fair grounds.  If you have any suggestions, they can be made at www.alleghenycounty.us/parks/SPFairgrounds.

What a day.  It was supposed to be slow, not guests tonight, so I arranged to take Betty exploring on the T (the T is the light rail that travels the south hills into Pittsburgh).  Betty just move into senior house in Beechview, right on the T line and she’s been nervous about using it.  It’s  a great system that will take her within a block of Mt Lebanon’s business district, right past a large grocery store and assorted other little plaza kind of stores.  So we ended up taking it all the way to the end in Library, PA and back.  I also plugged all Betty’s kid’s phone numbers in her new cell phone and we practiced using it.  All of this took about four hours.  OMG, my phone never stopped ringing.  I swear I picked up twenty room nights today and just finished showing the Inn to a potential bride for next year and am showing it shortly for a potential Bar Mitzvah this year.  All this and I didn’t have my rez book with me.

I’m not sure what this says about me, but my apartment is inundated with stink bugs.  I’ve been reading about them in the paper for awhile now.  Yesterday I had to kill 20 (and I’ve put screens in the open windows).  And they are all at my apartment.  I’ve see maybe two in the Mansion.  My apartment is at the one end and very back of the property, so I’m assuming they are migrating over from my neighbor’s either next to me or behind me.  (I hope it’s not personal)  🙂  As long as I don’t start having issues with them in the Inn, I’ll be OK with battling them in my space.

I had a wedding this past weekend.  It was a great event and everyone had a wonderful time.  After it was finished, I got my breakfast prep work finished and the kitchen put back together and it was a little after midnight.  I said good night the the group of wedding guests still hanging out on the Veranda and took da boiz up to bed.  I was in bed shortly after that and I thought that was the end of the story.  Since the weather has changed, I haven’t been diligent in latching the door going into my apartment.  The next morning, the guests that were on the Veranda until 3 a.m. told me RJ came down, opened the Ballroom door (that’s how we go upstairs) and partied with them.  After awhile, they figured he should go back up stairs, so they opened to Ballroom door and shooed him in  and latched the exterior Ballroom door.  He was gone for awhile and the next thing they knew, was he has the lace curtains pulled back on the Ballroom window that looks out on the Veranda and his paws are on the window sill.  So they let the party animal (pun intended) stay up with them until they went to bed.  Too funny.

Well, my last tour of the day just showed up, have a good night,


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