Just a quick note on yesterday.  The good news from the orthopedic surgeon is he’s happy with the progress of the break.  The bad news is he wants the cast on for three more weeks.  I have a small wedding this weekend and the Scott Church Photo Workshop next and will have to provide full hot American breakfasts for both of those events.  That’s going to be quite the challenge.  Also, I have to  winterize my gardens before a hard frost and can’t do that with a cast.  I’ve been watching the 15 day forecast closely, and so far, so good.

Apparently that storm yesterday sent an electrical surge that set my fire alarm off.  As I’m running around making sure there wasn’t actually a fire some where, with the alarm screaming in my ear, talking to the alarm center, the installer of the system and hearing a fire truck approaching, one of my guests was fallowing me around asking for directions, for a flash light and water pitcher.  🙂

That’s all for now,


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