President George Washington declared the first official American holiday, Thanksgiving on November 26, 1789.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first publishing of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), the premiere of Casablanca (1942), Queen Elizabeth agrees to pay taxes (1992) and Japan agreed to stop using drift net fishing practices (1991)

A floating island in a lake less than three hours from here?  With TREES growing on the floating island?  Go to Buckeye Lake, just this side of Columbus.

So you always wanted to be an auctioneer?  Well, I have the low down for you.  Clarion University will be offering an associate’s degree in auctioneering conveniently here at West Penn Hospital starting in January.  There are approximately 2,500 apprentice and professional auctioneers in Pennsylvania.  Courses will be offered Saturdays and Sundays through May.  After accruing 20 credits, you can apply to take the state exam.  Once you pass that, an apprentice has to work under an already licensed auctioneer for two years before you can take your state test.  More info at Clairion University or by calling Bill Hallock at 814.676.6591 ext 1307

Buncher Company is still pushing it way into destroying a block of the Terminal building so it’s convenient for them to sell their townhouses and other development behind this iconic Strip structure.  It’s EASIER and CHEAPER for them to destroy a block of history than going down to 15th Street (where Lydia’s is) and upgrading that intersection.  But after what the Penquins got away with in destroying the Igloo, what else can you expect around here.

Did you hear about that dancer in Miami that wanted a bigger butt and went to this fake doctor that injected cement, mineral oil and flat tire sealant.  OMG  The poor girl’s mother made her go to the hospital and she’s being treated.  The police have the “doctor” in custody.

The National Aviary’s Holiday Bird Show starts this Friday.  The head liner is a one year old snowy owl (who’s gorgeous) and native to Quebec is named after Marc Andre Fluer who also is a Quebec native.They are having these shows in the new Free Flight Theater at noon and 3 p.m.  More info at their web site or 412.323.7235.

Seems they’ve put the last piece in the Shenley Plaza renovations.  The Porch restaurant has just opened up.  It a much needed full service restaurant.   Currently they just have that kiosk with fast food options in the Plaza with open seating on a patio.  With Phipp’s, The Carnegie Museums and main library branch as well as Pitt’s Law Building, Hillman Library and the Cathedral of Learning across the street, it should do well with just it’s location.  I don’t know who’s going to be running it, I hope they do decent food.

The Box Heart Gallery, 4523 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield is hosting Reinhardt Sobye’s exhibit The Secret Garden through November 26 from 11 until 7 Tuesdays, 10 until 6 Wednesdays through Saturday and Sunday from 1 until 5.  I chronicles the photo artist and his significant other Ida.  He rented Ida’s cottage while she was in Edeinburgh, Scottland and met her a few months later.  She was in an abusive relationship and as Ida & Sobye’s relationship grew, he became aware of her past.  This exhibit is dedicated to her and the horror of abuse.  Of the hundreds of photos he has in his computer, he’s pulled 15 and I don’t want to say photoshopped, but edited the pictures to reflect how they seemed to him.  Like the picture hanging in my powder room, The Way Home.  I found this framed photo at the Three Rivers Arts Fest two years ago.  I love the way the artist re imaged the picture.

OK, all you scaredy cats, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Here’s help, The Crisco Pie Hot line is 877.367.7438.  Butterball Turkey is 800.288.8372.  Empire Kosher Poultry Hot line 717.436.7055.  Fleischmann’s Yeast Baker’s help line 800.777.4959.  Foster Farms Turkey hot line is 800.255.7227. King Arthur’s Flour hot line is 802.649.3717.  Ocean Spray help line 800.662.3263.  Perdue 800.473.7383.  Reynolds hot line 800.745.4000 and USDA Meat and Poultry hot line 888.674.6854.

Go out there and bake and cook your hearts out.  Enjoy,  🙂


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  • I just wanted to add that in 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up a week to extend the shopping time before Christmas. This was of course an attempt to help ease the Great Depression.

    I think sometimes we forget that there have been bad economic times before now! It WILL get better folks.

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