Sunday, I neglected to follow through with my new “procedure”, so I’ll do a post for Sunday and one for Wednesday.  For Sunday I have two, the first is it was the anniversary of the Apollo 12 launch.  The second was National American Teddy Bear Day.  Legend has it that in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt spared at bear cub on this day while on a big game hunt in Mississippi.  Political cartoonist, Clifford Berryman recorded this event.  Ever since, Pres Roosevelt was generally depicted along side a teddy bear and this started the American fascination with teddy bears.  Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, it opened on this day in 1869.   It took 1 1/2 million men to dig the 100 mile canal and shaved 6,000 miles off the trip from Europe to India.

Yesterday, they took the cast off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG, I am in heaven.  Doctor Schmidt was very happy with the healing.  The break itself has no discomfort, and basically didn’t other than when da boiz broke the bone.  But my wrist and the knuckles on my little finger are a bit sore.  Kind of like arthritis and I have trouble extending and contracting the small finger from it being immobilized in the cast.  It’s just going to take a little bit to get it back in working function.  I know Joy, I took a shower last night without a plastic bag and was able to wash my left hand and arm (no visuals folks, don’t embarrass me).  🙂

So after having the cast removed, I headed out to Harrisburg.  It poured rain almost the entire drive out and about half the way back.  What a miserable drive.  It was coming down so hard, that water was splashing from the semi’s on both sides of the road and when I was passing a big truck, I had to focus on the solid yellow line on the left to keep in position in my lane (I know, some of you are thinking that I shouldn’t have been passing in that weather).  And then, in the construction zone just east of the Irwin interchange I hydroplaned twice.  Luckily, the deepest water was the first and I saw the car in front of me going through it and was able to slow down enough that I didn’t have any problems.   The second about 100 yards farther I was prepared for.

Why did I drive to Harrisburg you may ask.  Well, good friends of mine, Myra, Phil and Alex are buying a bed and breakfast today and I drove out for a preview.  What a fabulous Inn that is going to make.  It’s two buildings, the summer house in the back is the longest occupied structure in York County.  I believe it was build in 1730’s.  What cool space.  They are setting that up as a suite, living room with this HUGE ANCIENT fireplace on the first floor and the bedroom and bath on the second.  Beamed ceiling, rough cut odd sized flooring.  The main house also has a HUGE ANCIENT fireplace.  This one still has the iron kettle holder that swings over the fire.  It also has these cool shutters (?) that close it off so you don’t see the dirty ashes.  The main house will have their living space, and five guest rooms.  Typical of 17th century construction, all kinds of very cool quirks.  The Inn has very easy access from the turnpike and is close to lots of attractions.  It sits on top of a hill over a pretty large creek that we need to figure out how to capitalize on (sound and view).  This will be a regular feature here, the opening of The Stone Manse Inn.  I’m very excited for them.

Speaking of them opening an Inn, I realized something else I miss about the corporate world.  (If you remember, I whined about missing the expertise and camaraderie hospitality workers share.)  I also always enjoyed training staff.  I would always have some bus I was training to be waite staff, a supervisor I was training to be a manager, etc.  Helping Myra, Phil & Alex set up their first B & B is filling this void and I’m enjoying offering advise.  Now this is a lot different than training an employee, this is two piers and I need to be careful not to over step, but I’m sure if I do, they won’t hesitate to “put me in my place”.  🙂

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