I have a “fan” for this blog!!!!  Rhonda & Tim checked-in today and Rhonda said Tim had been reading my blog.  🙂

I hate electronics and new technology.  They know this the minute I walk into a room something new is and they start conspiring.  I eventually win, though.  I beat the ipod, now it’s the new TV in Bird of Paradise.  The flat screen in there died last month, so I got a new one and installed it.  It worked fine.  The first guests in the room said they got a pink picture and no sound. Derronda figures out that if you press the resolution button on the box, the pink goes away and you have sound.  The next guests check in the room and say there’s no sound and the picture is pink.  So I press the resolution button and the sound comes back on and the pink goes away.  Those guests were only here one night, so after they leave, I go up and try the TV.  Guess what?  No sound and a pink picture.  So, I call DirecTV.   After about four hours speaking with DirecTV and swapping boxes, HDMI1 cords and then using RCA jacks, it still works fine when you press the resolution button on the box the sound returns and the picture is fine.  If I shut it off and then turn it right back on, it works fine.  So it’s fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This past weekend, I had guests in Bird of Paradise and the same problem occurred.  So I showed them the resolution button and told them how to fix it.  So the problem is not DirecTV related, so I contacted Costco’s concierge’s service, where I bought the TV.  Three phone calls and an hour and a half later, I’m on the phone with Costco and Rhonda and Tim arrive.  Costco was at the point of calling Visio when Rhonda & Tim arrive and I had to stop.  (NOT Rhonda and Tim’s fault, they just wanted to be checked-in and start to enjoy their visit, very nice couple).   So maybe tomorrow I’ll get the TV to work.  I will win, eventually.

After Rhonda and Tim checked-in and got settled in, da boiz and myself drove out to Finelyville to see Betty [we were supposed to have dinner last night, but I had a meeting with Kate & Charlie and Jay (Catered Elegance) who are getting married here in May.]  When I called Betty yesterday morning after checking my my reservation book, I had check-ins Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in my reservation book, I hadn’t look at my calendar.  Luckily, Jay sent me an E-mail yesterday morning questioning about the meeting and so before I had time to check my calendar and left; was reminded.  And called Betty to cancel, I could hear in her voice the disappointment.  So it was a nice compromise, she was happy to see us.  I’m glad I got so see Kate &  Charlie, not only to add my 2%, but I luv new couples, they’re so happy and fresh.  And typical of my weddings, they’re laid back and just want to have a fun time.



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