News Flash, I officially have two fans to my blog.  A new guest booked Monday and said they’ve been following my blog!

Sandra from the Calvary Church renovation group called me today to book a tour.  They’re the group that saved Calvary Methodist church several years ago from the wrecking ball.  They focused the $5 mil restoration that saved the church www.calvarypgh.com .  The church was built back before the turn of the century and reflects the $ that was in Allegheny City at the time, it boasts three incredible Tiffany stained glass windows.  They want to put me on their approved vendors for weddings.  Calvary’s a very nice place that does so much for the community.  If you’re ever around the first Thursday of the month, they have a very casual “soup night” with very affordable meals that benefit the food bank.  Very cool.

OK, I’m a little crazy.  I’m sooooo over this winter and the snow and dirt.  So yesterday I shoveled the left over snow off the front sidewalk so it would melt.  Today I took a hose and cleaned the front and parking lot porches and the sidewalk.  It is so much less depressing.  I was so happy, I again shoveled.  This time the sides of the parking lot so tomorrow Mr Anal can hose the parking lot off and get on with Spring.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to stop my masochistic tendencies, I went out to Betty’s (my Mom) this afternoon.  She’s had a LOT of tree damage from the massive snow storms we’ve had in the northeast.  My nephew Michael was already there and we got most of the damage around the house cut up and stacked.  Couldn’t take the debris down into her woods because “the field” was still to wet, my truck got stuck in the mud on the first trip down there. Michael ended up helping me pull the truck out of the field with his mom’s 4 wheel drive car.  Lots of chain saw action and lugging and snipping.  I’m a little sore, but it was nice to see her yard sort of back to normal.

Problems with “the puppy”.  He’s always been aggressive towards Razor (not in a mean way, it’s just he’s kind of greedy, if Razor has it, RJ wants it).  When I went to get the dog food yesterday, I bought them both a bone.  RJ grabbed the first one while I was putting the dog food in the back.  When I got in the truck, I grabbed the other bone in the wheel well and RJ immediately dropped the one in his mouth and took that one.  When I took the one RJ dropped and gave it to Razor, RJ growled at Razor.  Totally unacceptable.  I don’t want to “beat” RJ, for this, then I realized the Razor doesn’t play with toys much anymore.  It dawned on me that Mr Easy going Razor has just given up on the toys.  Does anyone have any suggestions on teaching RJ communal living and sharing?  RJ’s not a “bad guy”, he’s just a puppy in a large body that hasn’t learned sharing.  Razor’s fault of being too much of a nice guy that doesn’t want to assert himself.  (Razor does assert himself at times, but obviously this isn’t important to him).  It is to me.

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