Tomorrow, June 30 is kind of boring, so we’re going to talk about events that occurred on July 1.  Zip Codes were introduced on July 1, 1963, the 26th amendment was enacted lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 in 1971 adding 11 million voters at that time, the Battle of Gettysburg began in 1863, the first American Zoo opened in Philadelphia in 1874 and the first US postage stamps were released in 1847.  This is also the anniversary of Grover Cleveland’s secret surgery on his yacht for mouth cancer.  Because the country was in a depression (1893), they were afraid of the panic this may cause.  It was pretty extensive surgery removing the whole left side of his jaw.  This was kept secret until 1917.  Better than we keep secrets today.  🙂

Long time no talk.  I apologize, it’s been quite the week.  You know I’m weeded when I loose my keys on the desk for two days before I can find them.  First off, business is incredible.  I’m up 30% over last year, and last year was a great year!  And I had a wedding from hell last weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, the Kim & Wes were great, the guests had a wonderful time and everything went fantastic.  Here’s a cute idea they did with coozies.

They booked all the rooms and had four guests in the suites, so I was making breakfast for 22 guests each morning AND the wedding was an afternoon event, so Saturday I had to feed everyone and get my kitchen cleaned up by 10 a.m. so culinary could get in.  AND the contractors finished the Loft (my new space) and I had to move the office out of it’s current location so they can start construction on the new guest room (#9).  So I’m all moved in and very happy with the work of the contractors.

The Loft turned out great.  I’m so happy, except I left the window open next to my composting bin.  It’s right behind the gecko swing and I’ve never had problems with bugs there.  I guest they got trapped in the Loft and were quite annoying, at first.  We start the new (yet to be named) guest room tomorrow.  As a favor to the bride on the wedding I’m hosting on August 6, I’m renting the room out to guests.  They know the room won’t be totally finished and the contractor knows the bathroom has to be totally finished.  Wish us luck.  🙂  I’m pretty excited about some of the ideas I have planned for the room.  It renovated during the massive work when I first bought the place and I just had it done fairly utilitarian.  I’ll take some pictures tomorrow of the current look and update you as we progress.  I’m also going to take some garden pictures so I can post them on July 1, and easy day to remember for event planners can see what the gardens look like mid summer.  I want to do that on August 1 and September 1.

Da boiz are doing well.  They both had their stitches taken out yesterday and got clean bills of health.  I took them down the lake this afternoon for a swim and they had a splendid time.

I will soon have the option of an abbreviated web site for mobile devices.  Joe & Kirk from Vollkommen Media are currently building that and doing a few other adjustments to my web site.  Joe started as my printer and I highly recommend his services.  He then hired Kirk to do web work and and can’t say enough nice things about what he’s done for my web site.  My site still looks pretty much the same as it did all the way back to when I was in Florida, but the mechanics have improved so greatly, that when I do a search bed breakfast pittsburgh pa I ALWAYS come up in the top five of Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and AOL.

The new housekeeper, Quay worked today.  I love her.  She’s been here for a couple of weeks and talk about always having a positive attitude.  Such an easy person to work with, attentive and a desire to do a good job (which she always does).  I’m so happy and she’s such a great compliment to Derronda (who’s been here for four years next week).  Happy Anniversary Derronda.

My friends Helen and Richard are in again.  The own the Solomon Victorian Inn in Maryland.  I love all my guests, but it’s special when you have a peer that you can swap stories (and recipes 🙂 ) with.

Enjoy the next several days of beautiful weather we’re supposed to have.  Talk to you again on Friday,


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